world’s widest road


When talking about the world’s widest road, one of the key factors that would cross someones mind are some of the longest and widest highways found in various parts of the world. The word highway is widely used when referring to a long stretch of endless and unchanging road, covering a long distance or stretching over a long distance. Major highways especially those connecting major towns, cities, states or different countries have gas stations and hotels, motels restaurants and fast food shops spread along the way. Over the past few centuries, advancements in technology and rise in standards of living have enabled many people to acquire cars and other forms of motor vehicles. This has in turn led to increased number of vehicles on the roads. Increase in number of vehicles has thus paved way for the expansion and construction of highly technical and wide roads that are able to accommodate the traffic without congestion hence reduction in traffic jams.

There are numerous major roads and highways that can be considered among the top five list of the world’s widest road. These include:

1. The Katy FreewayKaty-Freeway

Also known as interstate 10, this is the world’s widest road ever constructed. The highway was constructed back in the 1960s and covers an expanse stretch of 23 miles from Katy city to where it intersects with the interstate 610 (in Texas). In some parts of the highway, there are up to 26 lanes.

2. Highway 4019620051649_5e734dcc36_b

This highway is considered one of the busiest roads in North America Continent thus one of the world’s widest road. The highway stretches from Canada through east, central and south of Ontario. It is estimated that more than 400,000 vehicles travel through the highway on a daily basis.

3. The Pan America Motorway37588063_m4_245575c

Apart form being the longest highway in the world, the Pan American motorway is also considered as one of the world’s widest road. It covers a distance of over 16,000 miles across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Costa Rica.

4. German Autobahns Highway5094382

With no speed limits, this is also the fastest highway in the world. It is mainly used by cars as slow speeds and unnecessary stopping is not allowed when traveling through the highway. Because of these features and numerous number of lanes on the highway, it is definately one of the world’s widest road.

5. The Big Dig Highwayamazing-engineering-wonders-of-the-modern-world-6

It’s construction was initiated in the 1991 and was completed in 2007 with the construction costing over 14.8 billion US dollars. This made it became the most expensive highway ever to be constructed. After it’s completion, it was regarded as one of the world’s widest road.

There are various other major highways and roads in various parts of the world which one could easily point out and argue to be one of the world’s widest road. However, the above mentioned highways have various features that enables them stand out among others. It should also be noted that with increase in development each and every day of the month and year, other highways and major roads may be constructed and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see new list of world’s widest road in the future.

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