World’s warmest sea

If you are looking to get away from the coldness of winter,the following places are where you can go to and find the warmest seas in the world.

1. Tulum, Mexico1-Tulum-Beach-Mexico-Download

This place has got an impressive beach with clear waters. While swimming in the waters, you can also have a view of the ancient Mayan ruins which the place is notable for.

2. Jobsons Covebermuda_i000027

This is a lovely beach that is totally separated from the sea and surrounded by cliffs. It is a tiny, pink-sand beach found in Bermuda’s Warwick parish. The gentle waves and calm waters makes it an ideal place for relaxation and having picnics. The air on this beach is also extremely calm because of the huge rock formations that blocks out breeze from the place. The waters of the beach is like a natural swimming pool, making it perfect for swimming.

3. Eleuthuraeleuthera-air

Eleuthura is an island located 50 miles east of Nassau. It is an undiscovered paradise which has beautiful pink sand beaches, lovely views and wildlife. The island is about 110 miles long.

4. Navio Beachvieques-navio-beach-island-pr1

It is located in Vieques in Puerto Rico. The place has got small private coves, lovely white and black sandy beaches and wide bays. It has rock formations for people that love rock climbing and the rough waves found there are a good attraction for surfers all over the world.

5. North Shore Oahumaxresdefault (1)

Oahu’s North Shore has got perfect waves. At summer time, the waves are small and gentle, making it the best place for new and old surfers. These gentle waves are always around between May to September creating the perfect atmosphere for swimming, sunbathing and surfing. The North Shore stretches for more that 7 miles.

6. Ipanema Beach1_ipanema_beach_vidigal_sunset

This beach is located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Ipanema beach has a very vibrant social life and it is well developed. There are two mountains at the western end of the beach and they are known as Dois Irmaos. This mountains are divided into segments by lifeguard towers known as postos.

7. Phi Phi Islandphi-phi-island-3

Phi Phi Island is located in Southern Thailand. The place is sheltered by stone formations. It has pure white sand and cliffs. It is a beautiful sight to behold when approached from the sea.

8. Bora BoraBOBITS_Hero_Module_Thumb1_600x360

This is one of the beaches that make up the French Polynesia. The waters of the beach are a sparkling turquoise color. It is 18 miles long and it is in a protected lagoon that has white sand. The place is nicknamed the “Romantic Island”. The atmosphere is quiet and it has isolated beaches.

9. Punalu’u Beach

Punaluu Black Sand Beach

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