world’s ugliest people

5 World’s Ugliest People Today:

The definition of being ugly may be different with respect to people’s opinions. However, ugly people can really look at themselves in the mirror and make a confirmation. The list in this article will reveal some people who are considered being ugly in today’s context. Is your quest for the world’s ugliest people? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover the great list of ugly people living in the world today.

Michael Berryman:


From research and feasibility study, it is important to know that Berryman has gained financial assistance from several people in the world for being ugly. During the 1970’s Michael has participated in several programs that unleashed his ugly presence to the world. He has featured as a mutant biker, an evil undertaker, a monster and just to mention a few. He is listed among one of the ugliest people in the world today based on his physical look. Nevertheless, Michael is currently suffering health complications such as absence of teeth, hair, fingernails and sweat glands.

Marilyn Manson:

One of the top figures in the world’s ugliest people ranking today is Marilyn Manson. From a reliable source, it is clear that Manson desire to remain ugly throughout his lifetime. Well, this may just be his opinion about life prevalence. Marilyn is a rock star and the intensity of his ugliness cannot be measured. This is because Marilyn often appears to people with several bizarre figures. On this note, it can be pretty difficult to measure the gravity of his ugly status. Coming in contact with a person of this nature will always make you remember how the zombies acted in the early 70’s.

Donatella Versace:


So, pathetic a story is the case of Donatella Versace. Normally, Donatella did not come to life with any ugly features until her plastic surgery complication became worse. Donatella’s case went viral when she derailed from the excessive use of cosmetic materials. While listening to a close source of the alley, it is confirmed that the excessive artificial usage of worldly items made her become ugly. There are certain features that classified Donatella under the list of being ugly. She is excessive thin with big nose and lips. Studies have shown that her thin nature is an attribute to poor feeding disorder. Another nagging issue about Donatella is the presence of her sagging skin feature.

Jocelyn Wildenstein:


If your quest is for plastic surgery, then rethink. This is another warning story to people who want to change their normal earthly nature to something different and unique. With a couple of dollars invested in plastic surgery, Jocelyn has landed herself on the list of the world’s ugliest people. You have to be warned about changing your human skin.

DJ Qualls:


Based on certain health complications, DJ Qualls has been listed among the ugliest people living in the world today. While at his early age, Qualls passed through some sort of cancer problems. This finally changed his physique and made him ugly.


This list is comprehensive enough for you to learn one or two things making people to being listed among the ugliest creatures on earth. Be careful how you live your life

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