world’s thinnest smartphone

The world’s thinnest smartphone known to date is newly designed Vivo X5 Max smartphone from the brand called Ivvl, If you don’t recognize this brand, dont be too confused, because these phones are only manufactured in China, and only just debuted in India a year ago.


The only way you will see one of them here in the United States, is if you were to order one online, directly from a retailer or their personal manufacturer from a manufacturer in China. Most people that would see one, or rather not see it, since if you turn it sideways, well it all but disappears,, it can actually sit on a table edge and barely be visible from the side view, and most people would think it is a credit card or some kind of child’s toy phone.


They are a sub-brand of china’s “Coolpad” products, so even overseas they are not yet as popular as some of the well known brands like the lphone6 and Samsung Galaxy Note. The Vivo X5 boast a thinness of only 4.75 millimeters thick, if you can even call that any kind of thickness, that makes regular smartphones such as the Iphone 6 look like a clunky, awkward contraption.


The Vivo X5 Max boasts a 5.5″ full High Definition screen,the screen itseslf is a wafer thin 1.63 millimeters thick, with 1920×1800 pixels of crystal clear clarity resolution. It boasts a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 64 bit quad-core processor, with a powerful 2GB RAM, and a hefty 16GB of storage, that can also be expanded to house 128GB of storage, which is more than enough to download your thousands of pictures, music and videos! The device also comes with a karaoke function , so you can sing along to your favorite tunes anywhere you want! Rich, fantastically realistic sound filters through what is also the world’s slimmest speaker box on this phone, measuring a miniature 2.45 millimeters in size. The handset is dual SIM compatible, with one slot for the Micro SD card and another for Nano SD card.


The designers or the Vivo X5, carefuly inserted a motherboard intot he phone that is a astounding 1.7 millimeters thin. This tiny phone also brags to have a 13 megapixel rear facing camera, and a 5 megapixel front facing camera, there are amazig features packed into this tiny wallet sized phone! If you bought one of these phone and carried it around your pocket, you wont know it is there, due to it’s model skinny thinness!


It can be hidden almost anywhere, you can hide it in your wallet sleeve, place it in your front shirt pocket with ease. If you laid it on a flat surface and looked at it from the side, it is almost invisible, when holding one in your hand, the thinness of it is very delicate and care should be taken to not drop or handle it roughly, and it should not be tossed haphazardly about, the plastic back plate that is delicately inserted should not be placed on hot surfaces or where the possibility of where extreme heat can damage it.

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