World’s tastiest cake

Everybody loves cakes from young children to old people and when you meet someone who does not like cake it is usually due to health concerns like diabetes or hypertension and they only avoid it because of the implications on their health. When you hear the word cake most of the times you start picturing how you will dig into a big layered cake, licking off the frosting from your hands. Red velvet cake I must say is the World’s tastiest cake, it is unigue and it is red which sets it apart from most cakes which are usually cream in color.ss1d26_red_velvet_cake.jpg.rend.sni18col When you go to a cake shop to buy cake you definitely have to notice red velvet it can be bright red, red brown or dark red in color, traditionally it had three layers with cream cheese frosting after every layer but lately you can have up to four layers of creamy delicious cake. The cake qualifies as the world tastiest cake due to its unique taste which stems from the ingredients used in baking it, the buttermilk used makes it soft and the red color does not have to come from a store bought red food color, you can get this color from beetroot which also has other benefits to our body. Cheese is one ingredient loved by many and doesn’t have to be used in pizzas and burgers only., we can have it in the world’s tastiest cake. Red_Velvet_Cake_Waldorf_AstoriaThe cream cheese frosting on red velvet cake just melts in your mouth and stimulates your taste buds. Few years ago we only enjoyed cake on special occasions like weddings and birthdays but nowadays you can have cake whenever the urge creeps up on you: buy it from the store or better yet bake it at home yourself and have as much cake as your sweet tooth can handle. Have you ever found people complaining about how they did not eat their favorite cake which was being served at a wedding? If I missed red velvet cake at a wedding, I will be very disappointed because ‘how can you have the world’s tastiest cake and then not make it enough for everyone?’ Children are the harshest food critics, they speak their mind, if you want to know how bad a cake tastes give it to the ones who are obsessed with it the most, children.Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting I have never had children complain about red velvet cake because it is never disappoints. When you have a slice of this cake in your plate and you take a bite you can taste the different flavors in the cake mingling in your mouth and you never want to take the last bite because you want the tasty feeling to last a life time. Too bad everything has an end but good news is you don’t have to wait for the next big event to eat this cake again. When you visit the dentist
you meet people streaming in and out because their teeth are acting out due to too much cake eating, yet they are first to dig in when a red velvet cake is presented before them. Most of us are guilty of over indulging in cake but who you better blame it on the sweet and irresistible red velvet cakelWho can dare say no to the red velvet,you can have it in all sizes and shapes. If you are into baking, bake a big one at home and indulge or if you are looking to save some cash, buy red velvet cupcakes. Huge, small or medium, Red Velvet Cake remains the World’s tastiest cake!

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