World’s strongest fighter

Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva aged 39 today, MMA fighter today is for many people the best world’s world. The greatest and world’s best. Muhammad Ali of modern times.

He had this little thing that makes that he is the best, the greatest, world’s strongest fighter. He was tall, strong, handsome, in short, it was the ultimate fighter worthy of the greatest.
It was this precision that no one else could match, out of the common technique, he spanked things that people have never tried in MMA.anderson-silva
He had his style himself, he was unique.
As no one could stand up to his ankles. It was better than everyone in this field, it was powerful, it was very technical, he was very intelligent. His only weakness was the ground, wrestling and more. But even against the best wrestlers he always found a way to win the fight.
Today he is the one everyone calls the “GOAT” Greatest of All Time.
“It was to a very great career victory with 36 and 20 by ко it’s really huge in MMA.

He has been the champion who reigned as long as possible in the UFC (organization # 1 MMA) in the
categories means (-84 kg).anderson-silva-revista-afro1

Was the person who held a UFC belt for as long as possible, over a period of 7 years. This series ended last July, Silva dodged the blows and you can see more on youtube it’s really something you will not see twice in your life as them of world’s strongest fighter.

What makes it the best is: it is these victories, winning 16 in a row in the UFC without losing. Fie juggled between two categories he also fought 3x in the above categories (-93kg) and have beaten the 3.

The way he humiliates these opponents.1389364535_anderson-silva

• The technique he possessed Length fists.
• 10 title defenses in the UFC.
• 16 consecutive victory in the UFC.
• Fie owns several record in the UFC.

• Fie has been the one who deserved to place the best fighter pound for pound as long as possible
Mohamed / Muhammad AN- As world’s strongest fighter
It was perhaps the most talented boxer of his generation, a “golden generation”, according to specialists, but was it really the best. Can the world of English Boxing Champion even claim to be the best fighter of the moment? Is there no other combat sports or martial arts could also be of great champions. Mohamed AN was he would do the best boxer of all time.

Roy Jones Junior – sixty-one wins to eight losses and he’s the sole start and maintain . He has captured various world titles within . He became the primary in 106 years once . Jones was proclaimed as a Association of America

Rocky Marciano of forty-nine wins zero loss and forty-three KOs. (although, several assume that he did not have a lot of competition at that point, Robinson etc.)original_squared_anderson-silva

Sugar Ray Robinson- majority of the folks thought-about him because pound boxer within out of that 109 were knockout wins half-dozen were drawn and a couple of matches . He was conjointly the most effective planet an incredible out.

This is the best can be written about world’s strongest fighter.

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