world’s strongest country

According to the ranking published in a Credit Issue report on globalization,The US is the world’s undisputed leader in the terms of military strength.

Russia ranks second, just a bit ahead of China. Japan and India comes in the top five whereas Canada ranks 20.


The report analysis said that it reveals the military is superior of the United States in convention of war capabilities as compared to its close rivalries. Its has a fleet of 13,900 aircraft, 910 attack helicopters, 20 aircraft carriers and 72 submarines which is far away from the military might of any of its close spends much more on defense spending than any other country.


It spends a worth of 610 billion USD in 2014, which is far more than the combination of the military expenditures of the next nine countries in the index.In reality, in this nuclear time, forces does not only describes the of military strength of a country.. Russia and the United States has accounted for more than 90% of global inventory of nuclear weapons according to data provided by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s Yearbook published in 2015.”



In 2015, America continued to come out of the recession faster than either Japan or any other country in the had a boom and a growing impact on the world’s economic and Geo political balances. A newly booming Japan and its upcoming relationship with India helped check China’s bid for the regional supremacy, and fall in oil prices in the later half of the era deboomed the Iranian and Russian economies.America’s greatest foreign policy which proved to be a failures came in the Middle East.


By growing close toward Iran even as the regional balance seemed to be shifting away from the Sunni Arab powers, the U.S. setting off waves of hostility and apprehension among the regional allies. The rise of ISIS, the end of the Morsi government in Egypt and the failure of U.S. resulted to break a cease fire over the latest Gaza war thanking to the Egyptian and the Saudi resistance resulted to a changing regional climate.


Till now, nothing has yet challenged America’s role as the strongest and most effective out side power in this strategic region.The United States has been the most powerful country in the world for close to a century; 2015 saw no change. If anything, despite renewed Geo political challenges from countries like Russia and Iran, and the continuing economic development of China, America’s place at the top of the global peaking order seems more secure at the end of 2015 than at the beginning.In 2015, American power grew more despite some foreign policy error that occurred . There is nothing unusual about it. The ultimate source of American power – the economic economy of its culture, the pro business side of its political system, its most secure geographical location, its rich natural resource base and its strong constitutional stability. America don’t depend on the political leaders. Thankfully, the American system is often better and more capable than the people in office at any given period time.


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