world’s strongest child

There is a debate in the whole world on who is the current world’s strongest child, this has been attributed to the many children that are coming up each day to prove to the world that they are the world’s strongest child. Most of the parents have allowed their children to enroll to the fitness classes and gyms where they are advised by their instructors on what to eat and do so that they can be strong.

There are several children that would be termed as the world’s strongest child. I would like to talk about two children whom are have been viewed currently or in the past as the world’s strongest children, they are;-

1. Giuliano Stroecazul-giuliano-stroe-ar-putea-ajunge-in-atentia-parchetului

Guiliano is a nine year old boy who hails from Southern Romania. He is born of two parents who are fanatical with things to do with fitness and body building. His seven year old brother has been his partner in the journey of becoming the world’s strongest child, they also go for the body building and fitness exercises together.giuliano_si_claudio_stroe_49696800

Guiliano has also been motivated by the positive response and feed backs from his school mates who have congratulated him for his body building antics, his school mates have encouraged him too much. The positive feed backs he gets in his you tube account, has pushed him to go a notch higher in the body building venture to continue impressing his school mates and friends and have more videos to post in his you tube account.zyzz_son_o_2014-04-24_08-19-43

Giuliano is considered globally as the world’s strongest child, this does not mean that he is alone, there are others in the world that are also considered as the strongest.

2. Richard Sandrak88085a6eb975022ecf4914984ef66843

Another child who is considered as the world’s strongest child is Richard Sandrak. He comes from Ukraine, his
mother who has taken part a number of aerobics competitions and his dad Pavel who was once a world martial champion in a number of competition, has helped their son to become the world’s strongest child.

His parents started introducing and training their child into body building and fitness when as young as six years old. His dad would ensure that his child accompanied him as he would go through his daily exercises. In his early childhood, Sandrak would do approximately 600 push ups and numerous sit ups during his training sessions. He has been very strict with his diet and the frequency and persistence of his exercise sessions. All this have helped him to be among the children who are currently considered as the world’s strongest child.richard_sandrak_18

Sandrak has started taking part in numerous body building competition and TV interviews. He is also working on a video and instruction book on how children can start body building exercises at a tender age.

The two children are not the only who can be considered as the world’s strongest child, each day they are several children who are venturing into body building exercises so as to get the title of the world’s strongest child.

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