world’s strongest beer

People from all over the world drink beer. It’s the beverage that satisfies palates for any given occasion from the holidays to parties to relaxing after a hard day’s work. In the last few decades more and more craft beers have become popular and with that an astounding amount of beers have been produced. Some people produce beer purely for uniqueness, such as Brew Dog’s “The End of History,” which has a bottle of a taxidermied squirrel, while others aim for reputation such as the beer giants Anheuser-Busch or Miller Brewing Company. There is one beer that has gone so far as to create the highest level of alcohol content ever known or in other words, the world’s strongest beer. That beer is Snake Venom by Brewmeister.


Brewmeister is a Scottish craft beer brewing company located in Keith, Scotland. They are dedicated to creating different beers than your average lager or ale. They aim to liven up the tastebuds by using local ingredients and water creating a pure flavor unlike other breweries. The beer that got them on the map was Armageddon with an ABV of 65%. Brewed in 2012 this was previously the world’s strongest beer was meant to be drank like a fine whiskey and contained flaked oats, crystal malt, wheat and Scottish spring water. This beer was an answer to the well-known companies, Brew Dog, Schorschbrau and Koelschip, who were on the quest to brew the world’s strongest beer. Brewmeister decided to change that with the release of Armageddon and outdid themselves in 2013 with the release of Snake Venom.

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After Armageddon was released beer connoisseurs thought it was “too weak” and thus Brewmeister made Snake Venom. With an ABV of 68%, Snake Venom is now the world’s strongest beer. Like Armageddon this beer is meant to be consumed like a fine whiskey or brandy. However, unlike a typical 80 proof whiskey (40% ABV) Snake Venom far surpasses that alcohol level. Brewed with two strains of yeast, ale yeast and champagne yeast, along with smoked peat malt, gives this beer not only an extremely high alcohol content but includes flavor as well with a “hoppy, malty and very pleasant taste,” according to Lewis Shand of Brewmeister.


It has a dark amber color and because of the high ABV content there is no carbonation. Each batch is tested before bottling and random batches are tested after being shipped. Another aspect about the brewing process is that the beer is freeze distilled. This is when ice is removed after freezing the beer in order to increase the alcohol content. Some argue that this freeze concentration process makes Snake Venom more similar to hard alcohol but everyone agrees that you should hide your car keys before drinking.


The beer actually comes with a warning label informing drinkers to not over-indulge more than 35 mL in one sitting.


No beer has been able to top Snake Venom as of yet. Snake Venom can be purchased for around $80 and is shipped internationally. Try splitting the price and bottle with some friends and taste for yourself the world’s strongest beer.

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