world’s smallest woman

The wonderful wonders of the world

Our world is full of wonderful stuff. There are many things which make us say WOW when we see them. The nature and its creations never seize to surprise us and there are many things which are unusual ion any ways. There are beautiful valleys, animals, weathers, humans, etc, which continue to how us the other faces of nature. Just like that, there are many interesting types of humans are also present around us who are making us think that every human has something different in him or her. Jyoti Amge is another woman who possesses different characteristics. She is the world’s smallest woman with the height of 62.8 cm only.00529818

This sounds really astonishing that someone is so small and how do they survive, but she is. She is an amazing lady living in the city of Nagpur in India. The Guinness book of world record has officially declared her as the shorted woman of the world when she was nineteen years old. The reason that her height stopped growing was due to the dwarfism problem called achondroplasia. Amge has actually made it to the Hollywood by appearing in many movies and TV series. There was a documentary made in 2009, named Body Shock: Two Foot Tall Teen, which featured Jyoti Amge. After that she made an appearance in the Big Boss season 6 as a guest. She has recently made it to the American Horror Story: Freak Show as a character named Ma Petite.37498377

She has also hosted the show on an Italian channel called Canale 5. The show was co hosted by Teo Mammucari. In the Celebrity Wax museum, there is a wax of Jyoti Amge also present.14143550

Being the world’s smallest woman, of course, there are so many things that come in her way as well. She has to face the surprising behaviors from her fans and from the general audience. For instance, she said that normal people should never doubt about the people who are unusual or small. Upon her role in the TV series, she said that we might be small in size, but we can act very well as well and there is no doubt about that. Her character in the American Horror Stories, she played the role of Jessica Lange’s role’s assistant and they worked pretty well together. She expresses it often that I do not like being held up like a baby by anyone even by the fans except only a few of them. Another annoying thing is that when people continue to touch her hairs without asking permission or act weird.13730474

Jyoti says that working in Hollywood was obviously the dream which has come true she loves to act too. Acting in this series was a far amazing experience for Jyoti. It seems like Jyoti is very ambitious and she loves to do all of the stuff that normal people does. She is reaching heights with her work and fame, while she loves her fans as well. She has also met the world’s shortest man from Nepal in 2012 and they have photographed for Guinness book of the world record’s 57th edition1347817311_guinness_world_records_2013_01649_001

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