world’s smallest town

16320242241_2a5af12b65_bBuford town in America represents a small town not only in America alone but also in the world. Amazingly the town is resided only by one person, by the name Don Sammons. The owner rans a store in it and receive many customers in the job. Had a population ofqqqqqq two thousand people in 19th century, thdy werd railroad workers who needed a place to settle. As the construction of the railroad continues, the workers continued also moving and as a result left the town with little population.


This town is located in a mountain and currently with one resident who does operation on the trading post found her. Don Sammons has been alone since 2008 when his son moved away. The rise of trading post is because their is an highway passing thfough the town and many people passes through thd place. It thereford has a good infrastructure. Due to its small nature, its easy to maintain foad services in the town. The name of the highway is called Buford Highway.


The research indicates that the new owner of the town is from Vietnam and soon there will be a coffee buzz. It is expected to bd a region of best Vietnamese coffee. Thd namd of the town is expected to change next month and have a different status. The name will be Buford Phindheli town.The name change is attributed to new owner, a businessman called Pham Dinh Nguyen.Hs bought ths town in April 2012. The new owner bought the town plus the trading post in auction at a value of $900,000


The new name “PhinDeli” has a stronv insight meaning of a coffee that is deliciously filtered. The plans by the owner to bring the town into best coffee buzz are in place. The trading post in the town is all about fuel pumps. Sammons manages and rans the trading post. There are now new billboards advertising on the new town. Its interesting to note that the purchase of the town took three days while changing its name took more that, thats a period of eight months.



It’s incredible to note that the owner wish to sell the product using modern online method to the customers. These are actually great and nice plans to refurbish the town and uplift the status to a more higher and higher level. Despite the small nature, it can work greater things and provide the best products to the world. The owner opt to sell online account of amazon., com website and will also use the supermarkets around to promote the product.




Its important to also know that the town served a major role during Gettysburg battle that took place in 1863 the month of July. Its therefore a town that blood was shed during the war. Its impossible to downgrade the history of this town. Even though the smallest, the history is bi, the dreams of the owner are bigger than the town. If the idea of coffee buzz rocks in the world. Its hard ro imagne the small towm controlling some part of the worlds economic products in the market, but with this town, the history tells alot, Yes it can and it will. The dedication of the owner will bring huge progress and development in the town.

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