World’s smallest sea

Our planet’s surface is overwhelmingly made up of water. Here, we will be looking at our world’s smallest seas. To begin, let’s head to a body of water found between Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and Russia.

The Sea of Japan is our 5th smallest sea. Interestingly enough, the Sea of Japan is almost wholly enclosed by the land masses surrounding this body of water. Tidal currents are almost non-existent because of this enclosure. It has an approximate surface area of 978,000 square kilometers or 378,000 square miles. The deepest part of the sea can be found in or around the central basin, where the ocean floor drops to 3,742 meters (12,276 feet.) On average, the Sea of Japan has a depth of 1,350 meters (4,429 feet.) In international politics, the name Sea of Japan is mostly recognized on a global scale. South Korea, however, insists on calling this body of water, the East Sea.

islands-andaman-sea-265664394th on our list of world’s smallest seas is the Andaman Sea (797,799 square km., or 308,000 square miles.) This body of water is bordered by Sumatra to the north, the Malay Peninsula to the north-west, Thailand in the west, Myanmar to the south, the Bay of Bengal to the south-east, and the Andaman Islands to the to the east. The Andaman sea has an average depth of 1,000 meters (3,000 feet), and is at its deepest at 3,777 meters (12,392 feet) off the coast of Car Nicobar Island. The Andaman sea is home to a diverse multitude of sea life and coral reefs.

Corey_Arnold_The_North_Sea_2011_1927_412Our 3rd world’s smallest sea is the North Sea (575,200 sq. km. or 222,100 sq. mi.) The North Sea is deepest at 660 meters (2,165 feet) near Skagerrak Straight, and it’s depth averages out at 94 meters or 308 feet. This body of water is historically significant because of the Vikings’ passage to England. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, the North Sea was every bit a marine battle ground for the powers of Europe. With countries like the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, bordering this body of water, it’s no wonder that the North Sea is geopolitically important on the world map. In World
War 2, Germany’s only access to the UK was through the North Sea.

In the Book of Exodus, Moses parted the waters of the sea; enabling the Israelites to escape pursuit from the Egyptian army. In the modern world, the Red Sea is the world’s northern most tropical sea. In our list of world’s smallest seas, the Red Sea comes in at number 2. Aside from being historically significant, the Red Sea is also known for being one of the saltiest seas in the world. The deepest part of the Red Sea can be found off the port of Sudan (2,211 meters or 7,254 feet.) It’s average depth is 491 meters (1,611 feet.) The Red Sea has a total surface are of 438,000 sq. km. (169,100 sq. mi.)

Enjoy-The-Baltic-Sea-Cruise-Line-Illumination-by-KarezoidLast, but first, on our list, and the world’s smallest sea is, the Baltic Sea. It has a surface area of 422,200 sq. km. (163,00 sq. mi.) and goes to its deepest depth at 421 meters (1,380 feet) off the coast of Gotland. It has an average depth of 55 meters, or 180 feet. Historically, the Baltic Sea was host to many a conflict between countries like the USSR, the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden, and Poland. Today, the Baltic Sea is bordered by countries of the European Union (EU). The only exceptions to these are Saint Petersburg of Russia and the Kaliningrad exclave.

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