world’s scariest video

There are funny videos, there are freaky videos and then there are the downright terrifying videos. Many people don’t even dare to look at such things, because honestly, they can scare the crap out of you. But for those who dare, the internet is full of videos which are not just terrifying but also mysterious, discomforting and most importantly, haunting. Although there is no guarantee that these videos are real, the fact doesn’t make them less spooky. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of world’s scariest videos on the internet. Those with a faint heart, beware!

The Headless Ghost


Taped somewhere in the middle east, the video features four young kids venturing into an abandoned school building looking for some adventure. As they go on searching for a ghost from one room to other, they finally reach a room where their search ends. The light in the room begins to dim and for a second a headless ghost appears on the screen. The kids freak out and run for cover.

The Wyoming Incident


They Wyoming Incident has its own place when it comes to picking world’s scariest video and for good reasons. On November 22, 1987, a local news channel in Wyoming gets interrupted with the message 333-333- 333 and then follows a series of graphics which are disturbing and plain scary. There are grey figures and messages on the screen which makes the newscaster bewildered and eventually, terrified. This is one such incident that would have scared anyone who was watching television on that day.

Edward Muscare’s Pretty Woman

maxresdefault (1)

When you see a withered old man lip syncing to Roy Orbison’s ‘Pretty Woman’, you’ll think him as a freak. No doubt, the video will give you jitters but that is not the sole reason why the video is considered world’s scariest video. Actually, the man in the video was originally a sex offender named Edward Muscare who was on a parole when this video was made. With this information in mind, suddenly, the whole idea of a woman
walking down the street changes and you start to feel a weird discomfort as you glance once more into the eyes of the same withered old man.

Japanese Ghost Girl in the Mirror


When it comes to mirrors and ghosts lurking in them, one can never be too cautious. The same goes when you watch this video. The video starts innocently as a small Japanese girl is looking into the mirror. As you are drawn to this child’s innocence, you catch a glimpse of what’s in the mirror and your heart may skip a beat. Nobody knows if the video is fake or real, but being one of the world’s scariest video, it has been able to scare everyone who has watched it and it will be able to scare you too.

The Jakarta Angel

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Why this video qualifies for one of the world’s scariest video is because it is a black and white footage of a security camera which caught not just ghost but also an angel ! Only 7 seconds into the video and a winged figure appears on a pavement and then vanishes within a second. This is what makes this video both scary, haunting and definitely not the last thing you watch before you go to bed.
After watching the world’s scariest videos, one thing is for sure, you will never look into the mirror the same way again!

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