world’s scariest stories

This world is full of creepy and scary things, but what would you consider to be the creepiest? Let alone what would you say the scariest thing that goes bump in the night is. This is a list of the top five scariest stories also known as creepypasta tales.

5. Toast;1441563548177799306
Running late a young boy rushes around his messy room remembering his father had left him and his mother alone. The boy is angry, yet sadden finding out his father just didn’t want to be a dad anymore. He was the man of the house now. Hearing running water he knocks on the door to the bathroom. Calling his mother telling her they will be late, no reply. He quickly rushes down stairs to get breakfast, glancing at his watch. Grabbing the bread and looking around, where’s the toaster? There was nothing, only an empty spot on the counter where it should be.

4. Lightning;bez-fotoshopa-17
The sound of the storm echos through the small ranch home. A single father and his son watch the storm coming. This is the first big storm the son has ever seen. The following morning the father walks into the son’s room and his son tells him how he was happy and he had spent the whole night watching the lightning. The son tells the father again, even though there wasn’t a storm the following day. The father tells the young boy it was just a dream.

The boy tells the father over and over for days. Concerned about his son the father asked around, the neighbors tell him it’s just a phase. About a week goes by and the boy tells him the lightning isn’t outside anymore, it comes from his closet. The father just smiles and says oh really. Another few days go by and the father is fixing breakfast as he opens the paper to find out a rapist was just caught. The story sent chills down his spin as he reads more, the guy would pick his victims which were usually young boys. He would then take photos of them during the night before abducting them.

3. I Was Stalked or Stalking; MartinKemp-JaneMarch-Stalker
A -guy and girl meet at a club. They talked for weeks, then all of a sudden the girl lost interest. The guy wanted the girl. Watching her from afar, trying to run into her. As well as, keeping an eye on her social network. After following her home, mad he watched the girl enter her house with a guy she met at the bar. After not seeing him leave the next morning he went into the home to confront her and him both. However, he finds the girl had killed the man from the bar. Now, he regrets stalking the young girl or now known serial killer.

2. Bob;.18unppfitdv14jpg
The story begins with a young man hearing a beast enter his home. He listens while holding a baseball bat staring at a monster that looks human-like yet, it’s armless. The creature has red glowing eyes, hisses like a snake, and kicks like a mule. This creature is clumsy, yet swift. The young man confronts the creature and is quickly than eaten by the creature.

1. Screams From The Woods; scary-faces-027_resize
Silence comes in many forms, yet sometimes the quiet follows the sounds of fear. The story starts with a young family moving to the country from their big city life. A father watches his children play with the dog in the edge of the woods. He warned them never to go far from the house or they could get lost.

The following day the kids tried to get the dog to follow them back into the edge of the woods, yet he wouldn’t. The dog just sat and watched, refusing to follow the kids into the woods line. Thinking nothing of it they go into the woods and play. As the sun begins to set the children are called in for bed. The father wakes with screaming coming from the woods, but nothing was seen. The father searched the woods the next day, but no signs of anything.

After that the father tells the kids stay away from the woods, the dog is now missing. The following night the screams returned, the father entered the woods with his shotgun in search of the screams. After running and looking for hours as the screaming echos around him it suddenly stops and is replaced by barking. The father quickly turns and sees a glimpse of his dog.

Now following what he thinks is the sound of his dog he comes to a dark figure, the dark figure turns and with what he sees causes him to drop his shotgun. The figure had what looked like his face, it screamed at him and drops to all fours chasing him. The father runs as fast as he can, yet realizes he’s now lost and the creature will soon have him. He shouldn’t have left home and never should have entered the woods.

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