world’s scariest spider

Have you ever seen a spider the size of a large dinner plate? You don’t want to. It’s a sight that would probably scare the most hardened of men into running for their lives, in a panic to get away from it! Very recently a spider was discovered in South America, with legs the length of a small child’s forearms, tipped in claws at the ends of it’s hairy legs, that click when it walks upon the ground, fangs that rival Dracula’s, stinging hairs all over it’s abdomen, that it can rub together and release a cloud of fine stingers as a defense mechanism, and weighing about as much as a Teacup Chihuahua dog. It’s Latin name is “Therposa Blondii”,or in layman’s terms, The South American Goliath Bird Eating Spider. Only found in the deep tropics of Guyana.


It regularly sucks down the innards of small birds, frogs, bats, large worms and basically anything it can catch. It hides and hunts in leaf litter,scurrying about looking for prey it can ambush and drain dry. It will also climb trees and get into bird’s nests, and eat the baby birds and the parents if it can get a hold of them. Imagine the horror of one of these things dropping down off a tree and landing on you! The Bird Eater is considered by science to be the largest known spider to exist, with the Huntsman’s Spider, found in Australia, being a close second in size.


Imagine walking through a jungle in the middle of no man’s land, in the dark, and running across a huge, very furry, spider with a body the size of a grapefruit? Although the South American Goliath Bird Eater, is harmless to humans, if it were to bite you, the 1.5 inch long fangs would be akin to having a nail driven through your hand, while not poisonous to humans, the pain of having those fangs sticking into your hand wold be excruciatingly painful!


The clouds of stinging hairs it releases from it’s abdomen, can get into the eyes and mucous membranes of anything that is unlucky enough to encounter and provoke or aggravate the Bird Eater, and these stingers cause extreme burning and itching, that will last for days. I cannot fathom as to who in their sane mind is going to willingly go trudging around a dark forest looking for a gigantic sized spider and run the risk and get themselves bitten by a spider that large?


I am terrified of spiders, no matter how large or small, poisonous or not, I can’t even stand the idea of one being on me, let alone if I were to actually have the chance to be near a Bird Eating Spider.


I do not know what i would ever do if I were to ever see or be in contact with a spider this gargantuan, well I would probably either have a coronary, or severely
hurt myself trying to flee from it! any trips to South america, especially to Guyana, well those were scratched off the bucket list!

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