world’s scariest places

The world is a beautiful place, but some places will make you believe the opposite; they are so scary they will make you poop yourself. In fact, some are even more horrifying than the most frightening alien landscape you ever heard of. The following are the top 5 world’s scariest places.

1. Gettysburg BattlefieldSlide7

Located in Pennsylvania, it is believed that Gettysburg Battlefield is one of the Civil war battlefields where very many soldiers were killed. An approximated over 50,000 soldiers died at this site in various wars. These corpses were all buried at the Devil’s Den, which is very close to this place. It is thus claimed that the spirits of these soldiers still frequent the battlefield to weep at all that transpired during the wars. Because of its horrible history, no tourists are allowed into the Gettysburg Battlefield.

2. Humberstone43-humberstone

And LaNoria As a pair of casualties of the Great Depression, these towns in Chile remained neglected from 1960, having been started up in 1872 as a business center for saltpeter mining. Hearsay has it that the dead souls at the nearby cemetery of LaNoria wake up at night and stroll around Humberstone town. It is also claimed that images of ghosts regularly appear in pictures taken in the town. The frightening rumor has also scared away residents from neighboring towns, most of whom dare not set a foot in them. What makes it even scarier is that some of the graves at LaNoria Cemetery are opened, fully exposing the bodies.

3.The Island of The Dolls50244

Located in Xochimilco district, this Mexican island was home to Don Julian Santana. The story goes that one day, Julian came upon a young girl who had drowned in the nearby waters. When he saw the doll afloat, he hung it up a tree as a way of honoring the spirit of the girl. After this day, Santana made it custom to hung dolls on the trees for the next 50 years until he also drowned in the very waters. Today, the scary site of the hanging dolls at the the island makes an attraction to tourists.

4.The Myrtles Plantation153106_max

The Myrtles Plantation is situated about 40 Kilometers from Baton Rouge. From New Orleans, the site is averagely 85 miles away. This place hosts a ghostly dweller. It is rumored that what makes it deadly is that it was constructed on a Cemetery. These ghosts appear suddenly, kill women and children before disappearing again. Some visitors even claim to have noticed a long-haired woman strolling the streets in the dark. She may appear hanged on a tree or just walking as an ordinary human being. The rising number of complaints prompted the government to temporarily close the Myrtles Plantation for two years.

5.The Suicide Forest of Japan From the 1950586908-9807986765

More than 500 people have gone to this forest to commit suicide. It is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. Government officials have had to display signs such as, “Your life is a very cherished prize from your parents, please contact the police before committing suicide.” so as to discourage people from taking their own lives.

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