World’s scariest photo

Some pictures are so powerful that they say more than words ever could. Some even manage to evoke feelings of horror from the viewers. The following is a list of the five scariest photos of all time.

5) James Bulger’s KidnappingCCTV of James Bulger


James Bulger was a two-year-old from Liverpool, England who was abducted and murdered by two ten-year-old boys named Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. Thompson and Venables had been skipping school earlier that day and came across the toddler, who had wandered away from his mother while she was busy shopping at a local mall. The two boys convinced Bulger to come with them, as evidenced by the security picture. They proceeded to repatedly kick and punch Bulger as they made their way to a railway on the other side of the city. Thompson and Venables then severely injured Bulger and attempted to make it seem like a train had run him over. The two boys were caught later that day and convicted for murder in a highly publicized trial.

4) Tyler Hadley’s Partyx7Cx3yl

Tyler Hadley asked his parents if he could throw a party, and when they didn’t allow it – he murdered them and had the party anyways. Storing their bodies upstairs in the master bedroom, Hadley proceeded to invite several of his friends over for a party, seemingly unaffected by what he had just done. Eventually, one of Hadley’s friends discovered the bodies, leading to an arrest and conviction of murder.

3) Columbine Class Photo of 1999

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Two of the most notorious names involved in school shootings in America are Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The pair took revenge on students they deemed as being bullies and ‘undeserving of life.’ In a ruthless rampage, Harris and Klebold took the lives of numerous other students and a teacher before committing suicide in the school’s library. This photo depicts the two of them aiming mock guns at the camera during a school picture earlier that year.

2) Budd Dwyer’s Suicider-budd-dwyerjpg-0059b77591657da4

Budd Dwyer was an American politician who was convicted of taking a bribe while in office. He was scheduled to be sentenced the day after he committed suicide. After calling a news conference and making a speech, Dwyer pulled out a .357 revolver and proceeded to fire it into his mouth, killing himself almost instantly. The incident was captured on video and has been the inspiration for several popular culture references over the years.

1)Assasin Caught on Cameramaxresdefault (1)

This picture depicts a very rare event in history: someone catching their own assassin on camera. Filipino politician Reynaldo Dagsa and his family were posing for a picture when they were shot at by an assassin. The picture was taken mere moments before Dagsa was killed by the gunman. Both the shooter and his accomplice, who can also be seen in the photo, were later arrested. It is a truly chilling snapshot of the moment a man’s life came to an end, and it deserves the top spot on this list.

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