World’s saddest song


5.   Tears in Heaven- Eric Clapton

Some of the best writing comes from tremendous tragedy. Clapton exemplifies this well in his song writing. After the tragic death of his four year old son, Clapton wrote this beautiful piece to express what it feels like to live without a loved one. He shows the challenges one faces and how they can be relieved through time and optimism. Though a sad song, Clapton shows that one can have pain and emptiness and yet still live life. 4. Last Kiss- Pearl Jam

Not many people put as much emotion into a song as Eddie Vedder. Although a remake, Pearl Jam puts together a beautiful rendition of how blooming young love can come to an immediate, heart-rending end. Vedder puts emotion to such exceedingly descriptive lyrics that will make you want to spend every second with your significant other like it’s the very last. This song shows us that love lasts much longer than life. Last Kiss is a great example that through the sadness of others, people can learn. People can learn how to love unconditionally and how to never take anyone for granted.


3.1’m So Lonesome I Could Cry- Hank Williams

Good оГ Hank strips music to its simplest form. Basic guitar chords and straightforward vocals gives this song the simple sadness of being lonely. The comparisons to loneliness in nature to loneliness in the human condition gives quite a pessimistic, yet realistic, outlook on life.


2.Lost Ones- J. Cole

Sadness in music encompasses all genres, and the rapper J. Cole shows this well in his song about the tragedy of unintended conception. He tells the story from the perspective of both the man and the woman. Through his writing, J. Cole shows the many emotions running through each party’s head. The song gives a very real portrayal of not only the consequences of people not ready to raise a child, but also the costs of abortion. He shows the reality of how difficult it is to make such a decision. J. Cole shows the paradox of how something so beautiful and extraordinary can can literally destroy relationships amongst other people. Human life is miraculous, yet it can viciously tear apart ordinary people in ways never thought imaginable.

1. Dance With My Father- Luther Vandross

Mr. Vandross created one of the most beautiful, yet sad songs with Dance With My Father. Everyone talks of “a mother’s love,” but Luther shows how the love of a father is just as important and memorable. The majority of people can relate extremely close to this song, as it is reminiscent of the innocent love between a father and child. This song literally makes you miss everything about your dad, even if he is not dead. You miss being a child and falling asleep in the living room, and then your dad carrying you up to bed. Although sad, Luther Vandross shows us that love is real. Fie shows us that is okay to look in the past for love. Fie shows us that love is the reason for living.

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