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Brief description of the company


The company was incorporated in 4th November, 1985. The corporation is a leading company in the roasting, marketing and the retailing of the super quality coffee worldwide and is currently operational in 65 countries around the world. The firm buys and roasts coffee of high quality vis-a-vis the production of handcrafted coffee, tea and the production of other food items. Starbucks Inc. is one of the world’s richest companies with over twenty subsidiaries across the world. The world’s richest companies are measured on the basis of their capital inflows and the profits that they are in a position to make in a year.

Organization of the Companyorganizational-structure-of-apple-i2

Starbucks have adopted a matrix organizational structure. This is a structure of an organization that groups employees by the function and the product. They have come up with products that are tailor made to meet the specific requirements in certain regions and as such they have adopted an organizational structure that accommodates the specific customer needs in the process of the expansion. The organizational structure of Starbucks is just like any other structural composition of any other given organization. The executives at Starbucks are tasked with overseeing the operational procedures of the company from the headquarters in Seattle, Washington. There are district managers who are tasked with the regional coordination of events around the country. The reporting procedure of these regional district managers is that they report directly to the Corporation. Each store has a manager that acts as the chief. Just below the stores managers is an array of shift supervisors who act in the capacity of the stores manager in circumstances where the manager is not around. Just under these shift supervisors are the other employees who are known as baristas.

Main Productstarbucks

The product portfolio of Starbucks comprise of mainly coffee. All the different variations of coffee form part of their product portfolio. With the competition being a threat to Starbucks, there has been the need for the diversification of their products to be flexible enough as to meet the looming needs of the ever growing population. They also produce coffee-related equipment and accessories, non-food products that is the coffee mugs and also beverages. The marketing strategy that is implemented is the use of a market-driven strategy that is aimed at fully understanding the various segments that are available in the market and making attempts to fully satisfy these segments.

Geographic area of operationscoffee-geography

Starbucks is putting primary attention on China. It has approximately 1400 stores alone in China. They are foreseen to expand their loyalty and mobile ecosystem rapidly in China. China is an area of operation where there has been seen to be a greater potential for further advancement of the future profit generations of the company.

Recent Developmentminifrap

There has been the recent plans for Starbucks to have their own coffee in China where there are plans to have the first harvest of coffee this year. Starbucks have also implemented a procurement system that embraces the entire systems of the supply chain procedures. With Starbucks a world’s richest company, it has adopted several programs in support for the community based initiatives.

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