world’s rarest blood type

Ever tested, wondered or maybe been told what your blood type is? Generally, ’blood type’ is the classification of one’s blood by the absence or presence of certain inherited antigens on the red blood cells surface. There are four major blood groups; А, В, AB and O. The rhesus factor classification came up after blood tests were performed on some rhesus monkeys, isolating the Rh+ and Rh- factors, results showed that both factors composed of an antigen present in human beings’ red blood cells hence negative or positive rhesus factors. It was then confirmed that human beings, just like monkeys, with this rhesus factor present in their body are therefore rhesus(-) while the Rh- lack the rhesus factor. The four blood groups were further divided into eight blood types namely; A+, A-, B+, B-, AB-, AB+, O- and 0+.

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A blood type is considered to be scarce when less than 1 out of 1,000 people has it. AB(-) is the most scarce type. It is found in 1% of the Caucasians mostly concentrating in the United Kingdom, Poland, Zealand, Israel, France, Germany Australia, Denmark and South Africa, each 1%. In America and Africa it trends at 0.3% further declining close to absence with a weak 0.1% in Asia. Some AB(-) blood type people bank some of their blood during surgeries just in case they needed a transfusion. AB(-) has both antigens A and В on the red cells, but lack antibodies A and В in the plasma. They can receive blood from AB(-), B(-), A(-) and O(-) and can only donate to AB(+). For a person to test their blood as group AB(-) type, certain serum that has anti-A antibodies is added into a portion of anti-B antibodies and stirred, from the result if agglutination does not occur then the blood is AB(-).


A mixture of inheritance is reflected by type AB. They carry antigens A and B, so they are bound to inherit low stomach acid problem from type A, sometimes could be adapted to meats, a characteristic of group B.


Besides, AB(-) individuals characterized by a sensitive digestive system hence are advised to avoid red meat, chicken, alcohol and caffeine. Focusing on hormonal types, this group almost reacts as type О since they tend to produce excess adrenaline resembling catechaolamines. Nitrous oxide is rapidly cleared leading to severe consequences of strong emotions that occur physically. They are friendly, trustworthy and thoughtful, although very emotional and strongly affected by stress. A calming exercise is their most perfect
fitness regime.


For an effective lifestyle, strategies for group AB(-) should include; avoiding highly competitive environments, working with a plan and avoiding rush, practicing some techniques of visualization daily, setting sometime alone for themselves and performing some exercises involving yoga, meditation and stretches daily.


AB(-) individuals often posses different characteristics than other types, they are prone to diseases like cancer, they have to exercise and maintain a specific diet. Most people indeed believe that a person’s personality is highly affected by the type and group of blood that they carry. Therefore always live, eat and behave as your blood type demands.

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