World’s oldest town

Do you want to experience something special and magical? If you are interested in history and you love to travel, you should definitely visit these cities.

1. Faiyum


Faiyum, a town in northern Egypt. The first, original name of this town was Crocodilopolis. It was the main place where they would worship the god of crocodile – Sobek. This 4000 years old town is the oldest city in Egypt. There are still visible ruins of temples and pyramids. The south temple dedicated to the god of crocodiles was built in Ptolemaic era. The main tourist attraction are the seven ” water wheels”. These wooden wheels are capable of pumping water at a depth of four and five meters. They were found only in Faiyum.

2. Byblosbyblos-lebanon

Byblos location is on the northern Mediterranean coast of Lebanon, founded in 5000 BC. It is a beautiful, historic city. At the entrance to the town you can see the ancient ruins that have been left by the Phoenicians. Byblos is known as the place where the Latin alphabet has been invented, also it was an important trade and religious center. Many people say that this city is a paradise on earth.

3. Gaziantepp1020141

A city located in southeastern Turkey. The most impressive historic monument of Gaziantep are the remains of the fortress on the hill above the city, built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian I. Next to the city lie the remains of the Temple of Jupiter dolichenus. There is an old Assyrian city of Kilis and neo – Hittite archaeological locality Samal. Gaziantep is an important agricultural and industrial center in Turkey. The Archaeological Museum with the remains from the Neolithic period attracts many visitors. Since the Ottoman period there are many Turkish bath. There is a belief that baklava (famous Turkish cake) has its origins in this city.

4. VaranasiVaranasi-Ganga-Ghat2

The holy city on the shore of the river Ganges. According to a legend, god Shiva built the city. Among the
Hindus there is a belief that bathing in the Ganges cleanses people from all sins. A popular tourist attraction in Varanasi is a morning boat ride on river Ganges. This city is rich in history, culture and religious heritage. The city contains 23, 000 temples and it is famous because of the silk products which you can buy. The best time to visit Varanasi is from Semptember till March, because in the summer the temperatures are very high.

5. AleppoAleppo_old_city_image

Aleppo is a city in northern Syria. There are proofs of inhabitations since the 11 century BC, and now it has 2.3 million inhabitants. Its ancient center includes on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1986. This city was long known as one of the most important economic cities. Aleppo has a beautiful arhitecture and culture, the old town separates from new one with circular walls long 5 km, with nine doors. There is also large medieval fortress, known as Aleppo citadel, which is built on the place of the former acropolis and rises 50 meters above the city. Great Mosque of Aleppo is considered as the most important mon

ument in Syria.

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