World’s most unusual places

Nearly everyone has a bucket list. Even those who do not have given some thought to all the places in the world they would like to visit. This top 5 list of the world’s most unusual places is worth checking out and is sure to have a destination or two worth adding to your own bucket list.

1. DSC_0120The first on this list of the world’s most unusual places are the visually delightful houses located in the medieval town of Lavenham in London. The buildings were apparently constructed during the wool trade, between the 15th and 16th centuries. The town grew quickly and the buildings were put up hastily using “green” wood. As the timber dried the buildings began to contort in unexpected ways. The inhabitants of the town eventually lost their fortunes and abandoned the twisted buildings as they were.


2. Green Village In ZhoushanHidden amoung the three hundred and some Shengsi Islands in China is the abandoned Houtou Wan Village. While there are numerous abandoned places in the world what makes this particular island village so magnificent is that nearly every inch has been taken back, overgrown by nature. The entire village is a visual plethora of beautiful green vines. It feels alive just to look at.

Have a look at the overgrown village here.


3.3977773445_15e04f6370_o Next on this list is known as The Minister’s Tree House located in Crossville, Tennessee. Horace Burgess is the Minister of the tree house and has claimed that it was god himself who gave Horace the contract for the tree house. The tree house is a ten story structure made up entirely of wood, supported by six oaks and
is to have taken 14 years to complete. A breathtaking construction, it is THE tree house of tree houses and is well worth seeings. Have a look here.

4. Over 3 acres of land in the country of Burkina Faso in Africa, there is a small round village known as Tiebele. This extraordinary village is known for their exceptional houses, built by the Kassena people who live there. The houses are built of all natural material and are then meticulously hand painted with great detail. The intricate geometric shapes painted onto the small houses is completed using only natural materials including chalk, clay and dirt. Afterward the paintings are then polished and lacquered.

Have a look at these intricately painted homes here.

Cour Royale à Tiébélé

5. IMG_3592As far as the world’s most unusual places go the town know as “garbage city” is certainly one of the most obscene. While it may not be the ideal vacation destination, it’s worth a mention here simply because it is so jarringly unbelievable. The small town of Manshiyat Nasser located on the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt is filled almost entirely with garbage. The town as a whole has been turned into a literal garbage dump, which is apparent by the trash covering nearly every visible thing. What’s even more disturbing is that the town is considered home to some 50 to 60,000 inhabitants who live off the trash, recycling the bottles and other reusable materials! What!?

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