world’s most powerful weapon

When thinking of powerful weapons most people go through thoughts of bombs and powerful guns. I seem to think differently because if you take a look around you will realize that there are far more greater things that can be used as weapons other than those things that were made for destruction. The most powerful weapon is actually a woman. We all have seen the power a woman has over a man.


A woman can drive the sanest man crazy. Come on guys, you all have had that one girlfriend that you thought you couldn’t live without and the thought of losing her drove you crazy. You hear about it all the time. Everyday somewhere in this world there is a fight or someone has been killed over a woman. Women can use this to manipulate men and get what they want.


How many stories has you heard about a man killing someone for a woman? She tells him how much she loves him and tells him that the only way for them to be together is if he gets rid of their husband, boyfriend or whatever the case may be. I know most of you were expecting to read this article and read about some mass destructive weapon that people use in wars but I tend to think outside the box. Things aren’t always what they seem right? Not all women are destructive but they can be. A woman with bad intentions can cause divorce, emotional trauma and in a lot of instances death. It is amazing to see how a woman can control a man mentally and get them to do what they want them to do.

Pensive woman standing outdoors

Can any of you think of a time you were used or have you ever seen the power behind a woman with bad intentions? I am not saying that all women have bad intentions because I know better and I am one that doesn’t use my abilities to do bad! Women definitely are the most powerful weapon by far. All women have the choice rather or not to be destructive and unleash the destructive powers of our natural given weapon. I know some of you will agree with me and I know some of you will totally think I am out of my mind.

Portrait of smiling woman

Either way I would love to see what you all think and give me some feedback! Let me know your opinion. Feel free to express your thoughts on this matter. In conclusion I want to say be caution. Be very caution because this weapon is very dangerous and may cause irreversible damage. When approaching this weapon be gentle and handle it with care. Don’t do anything to set it off because the results can be deadly!


Just like any weapon you choose to use you have to be careful in the handling of it. You have to be responsible and always make sure to take care of it. After reading this article how manv of vou think I am crazv? I can be. After all. I am the most powerful weapon!


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