World’s most powerful subwoofer

If you are looking for a new subwoofer for your home theater, you have a lot of options. Here is a list of the top 5 most powerful subwoofers, with a compact design and affordable price to enhance your home theater. These 5 units range from the $200 mark to the $1000 mark, and are all similar with one key difference distinguishing them from one another, their quality. When looking for the perfect subwoofer, define what your needs are. What are you willing to spend, and how much precision do you look for in the bass output.
5. 1280x720-8jT15 Inch, Acoustic Audio Downward Firing Powered Woofer, Model RWSUB-15 ($198.00)

This subwoofer from Acoustic Audio, features a 15″ down-firing Poly-Zirconium cone subwoofer, in a sleek cabinet with a down facing slot port, allowing the production of precise bass that’s from 21Hz-200Hz. With its watts ranging from 300RMS to 600 watts max, this unit brings accurate, low frequency bass to any movie or music experience. Other subwoofers can be added, with the high and low level input ports and the line output port.

4. 61YOoAvh8UL._SL1000_15 Inch, Theater Solutions SUB15DM Down Firing Powered Subwoofer ($200.00)

With a maximum speaker depth of 18 inches, 400 watts RMS and 600 watts max, it provides frequency and balance to enhance any home theater system. The sleek design of the mahogany or brushed black amplifier fits into any home decor, while providing a fine tuned frequency response of 23 HZ-150 HZ. This unit features an auto on/off switch, input and output ports by RCA, and is constructed of waterproof materials.

3.51i+OQZ3dSL._SL1000_ 15 Inch, Acoustic Audio HD-SUB15 Front Subwoofer ($275.00)
Acoustic Audio ups the game with this max 1000 watt front firing subwoofer. The Kevlar cone subwoofer isn’t as precise as some of the other products on the list, but with a range of watts from 500 to 1000 watts max, at under $300, you can’t beat this deal. They do bring some beneficial aspects to this powerful subwoofer, with an Aluminum Voice Coil, signaling on and off switch, level and gain control, in an advanced bass reflective cabinet, it’s worth the look.

2. R-115SW_-_Angle_63546716464319600015 Inch, Klipsch R-115SW 800W Powered Front Firing Subwoofer($720.00)

Klispsch brings some of the highest rated, best priced subwoofers to the market. This 800W gem, can be purchased for around $720.00, and features compact, light weight design. The front-firing subwoofer is constructed of spun cooper, adding a durable, light-weight aspect to the product. Klipsch provides a watts ranging from 400 to 800 watts max, frequency of 24 Flz-250Flz. The all digital amplifier will bring out every low note to surely intensify the home theater experience, while providing ports to allow for versatility in placement. You defiantly get quality over quantity here, listening to this unit versus the 1000 watt Acoustic Audio HD Subwoofer, you can hear the difference in precision.

1.51yLy1c6VOL._SL1024_ MartinLogan Dynamo 1000 12″ 1000-Watt Powered Subwoofer ($999.99)

At just 12″, the MartinLogan Dynamo 1000 is dynamic. It provides 22 Hz-200Hz frequency output. The tightly sealed cabinet creates the perfect amount of balance and direction to enhance your home theater, while providing incredible bass output. Even with its watt output of 500 to 1000 watts max capability, distortion at a minimum. Coming in at under $1000, this unit would provide the best bass output, contained in the most compact design.

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