world’s most powerful sniper rifle

Snipers have been used many times throughout the course of recent history to change the courses of fierce wars, just as much as any other modern weapons. An efficient sniper breaks the moral will of an enemy to fight and keeps them in constant fear. A good sniper rifle, one which combines range, deadly stopping power and easy handling which therefore makes it a must have for sniper operating in modern day battlefields. Below is a top five list of the world’s most powerful rifles in both accuracy and effective range.

5. Heckler and Koch PSG 1


The PSG 1 sniper rifle, first manufactured in the former West Germany is said to have been developed in the aftermath of the Munich Massacre. The police were unable to act first enough to prevent the terrorists from massacring Israeli hostages. It has a range of 800m , and a scope that can be adjusted from a range of 100m to 600m. Its accuracy can only be said to be average by today’s standard but quite good for a semi-automatic rifle and which was at one time the most accurate sniper rifle.

4. Barrett M82

A Model 82A1 .50-caliber sniping rifle deployed by the 60th Ordnance Detachment during Operation Desert Shield.

The M82 Barrett is a recoil operated anti material rifle. It was developed in the US by Ronnie Barret in 1982, hence the designation 1982.In spite of its designation as an anti material rifle, some armies around the world use it as anti-personnel sniper rifle due to its relatively high accuracy and long range of 1800 m.The M82 is also a weapon of choice for rebels in Kosovo and even saw use in the 1990’s by the Irish Republicans Army.

3. Dragunov SVD


The Dragunov SVD is a USSR made sniper rifle, that combines an impressive range of almost 800 yards, fierce stopping power and an impressive firing rate of 30 rounds/minute enough to earn it a place in this top five list, especially for a rifle its age. Some snipers who have used the Dragunov in the field even compare it
to the semi-automatic AK47 only large and more powerful.
Because the Dragunov sniper was made not for professional snipers but for young conscripts during the beginning of The Cold War, it had to provide a high degree of accuracy which it faithfully did. All in all the Dragunov, especially during its early years of manufacturing and use can only be said to have created a reputation to match.

2. Cheytac Intervention Sniper rifle


The Cheytac intervention is a sniper rifle designed and developed in the US. Several variants of the original were also later produced, including the M-200, the M-200 Carbine and the M-310 It boasts of an impressive range of 2500 m, or 2300 yards. Its definitely one of the best ranges for any modern sniper. The Cheytac Intervention holds the world record for the best group at a distance, having landed three bullets at only 16% of each other.

Except in the US, it has also seen use in Argentina, Jordan, Poland and Turkey.

1. L115A3 AWM


This British manufactured sniper rifle, the standard issue sniper rifle of the British Army has all it takes to come first in this list. The longest confirmed kill record (1.54 miles) was set by Corporal of the Horse Craig Harrison of the British Army in Afghanistan in 2009, gunning down two Taliban machine gunners. That was only one year after the rifle officially began service. Most of the AWMs are used by elite British forces such as the Royal Marines and Paras. It fires an 8.59 mm bullet heavier than for most other rifles, and less likely to be deflected in wind.The L115A3 AWM stealth and lethal stopping power makes it a weapon to dread especially at less than one and a half miles away.

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