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2015 has been a big year for phones – the iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6 came out this year, as well as the Nexus 6P and the OnePlus X. With all of these new options, it can be difficult to decide which phone you really want to get. One essential criteria when making this decision is always processing power, which determines the speed at which your phone runs.

Introducing: The Top Ten World’s Most Powerful Phones. These rankings are based on the chip set and amount of RAM on each phone, as well as the Geekbench 3 Multi-core processor test, which simulates real world scenarios and measure the speed of each phone.

1) Samsung-Galaxy-Note5-Review-001Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5: In terms of processing power, the Galaxy 5 is currently the best in the market. It uses an Exynos 7420 chip set, which is a 64 bit octa core chip set, and is also found in other Samsung phones. However, the Note 5 pairs that with a 4GB of RAM, which helps to enhance the chip’s power and make the phone insanely fast. Using the Geekbench 3 test for processors, the Note 5 got a score of 5149.

2/3) SM-G925FZDASEK-81-0Samsung’s Galaxy S6/S6 Edge: The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge features the same Exoynos chipset as the Note 5, but has 3GB of RAM, which affects the overall performance. That being said, the they are still incredibly fast, and a definite improvement over the S5, and all-around some of the best phones out there. They got 4438 and 5076, respectively.

4) Sony_Xperia_Z5_review_05Sony’s Xperia Z5 Compact: Sony’s new phone, with the Snapdragon 810 octa core processor, is also a 64 bit chip set, and is also found in numerous other phones both from Sony and other companies. It also contains 2GB of RAM and runs Android’s Lollipop over its own user interface. Although it can’t quite compete with the top Samsung phones, for it’s size, it is in the top and definitely promising. The Z5 Compact’s Geekbench score is 4541.

5) qNNHftzMotorola MotoX Force: Now owned by Lenovo, the new Motorola phone has the Qualcomm Snapdragon
810 processor and 3GB of RAM. It runs Andriod’s Lollipop with planned upgrade to the latest version, Marshmallow, and has a score of 4455.

6/7)2014-09-09_22-38-02 Apple’s iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus: Featuring Apple’s new A9 processor, the 6S and 6S Plus are definitely faster than previous Apple phones, and there is a huge leap from the 5S and even the iPhone 6. However, because they only has 2GB of RAM, in terms of pure power, neither of these can compete with the top phones. Obviously these are still amazing phones and are actually better for browsing the web than even Samsung phones, with a Geekbench score of 4400 and 4407, they fall into 6th and 7th place.

8) sony_z5_compact_premium_preview_18Sony’s Xperia Z5: This Sony phone also has the Snapdragon 810 Processor and similar features to the Compact, and 3GB of RAM. It also contains the planned upgrade to the Android v6 Marshmallow, and has a score of 4212.

9) nexus-5x-nexus-6p-rear-2Nexus 6P: Google’s new flagship phone, the Nexus 6P, runs the Android OS Marshmallow with Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of RAM. It is a significant improvement from the Nexus 5X, and has a Geekbench score of 4211, just barely below the Xperia Z5.

10) eMAX_7_UMI eMax: This phone is made by Chinese phone maker UMI, which has been around for a while but hasn’t really come up with any spectacular phones until now. The eMax features a MediaTek 64 bit processor, along with 2GB of RAM. It starts with the Android 4.4 KitKat but you can upgrade to Android Lollipop. In terms of the the Geekbench test, it also did well with a score of 4101, which is not far from the Xperia Z5 and Nexus 6P.

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