world’s most powerful laptop

With growth in technology laptops have emerged as the must have technology gadget. From a school going child to a top notch businessman everyone needs a personal laptop to carry out wide range of errands. This powerful business tool has as a matter of fact emerged as an indispensable part of our modern fast paced lives. Let us give you a peek- a -boo into world’s most powerful laptops.

1. 1. MacBook Pro 13in


Topping the 2015 charts of most powerful laptops is this latest offering by Apple Inc. This is undoubtedly one of the most advanced laptop offered by the company. It has just about everything you want from a laptop. Processor has been upgraded from Haswell to Broadwell which lends this laptop far more power than it predecessor. This 13.3-inch laptop boasts of 2,560 x 1,600 Retina IPS screen which presents amazing color, outstanding sharpness and really good contrast. The screen is glossy so you will not have to face reflection problem. Basically the backlight is quite bright this enables you to use this laptop outdoors. Besides amazing performance the device also looks great. You can actually spell wonders with this powerful laptop which effortlessly packs mind blowing performance under its hood.

2. Sony VAIO Z 13-inch


This Core i7 processor laptop delivers amazing performance owing to its speed boosting RAM, powerful graphics and carbon fiber back. This thin and light laptop is without a doubt ahead of its time as far as performance and power is concerned. The company has thrown in whatever best it has to offer in this laptop.

3. 3. Asus ZenBook UX305


This super portable laptops is your partner wherever you go. You are swayed to buy it all thanks to factors such as affordability, fabulous looks, beveled edges and supreme portability. ZenBook UX305 takes pride in its three USB 3.0 ports, a micro HDMI socket and a full-size SD card slot. You can in fact easily convert this device into a full-fledged computer just by attaching a keyboard, monitor and mouse with it.
Most of the users are more than happy working on Asus ZenBook UX305. Its 13.3-inch screen makes it big enough so that user can type comfortably sans getting the campy feeling.

4. 4. Dell XPS 13


The catch in popularity of this laptop lies in its big screen and slim body. The laptop presents a perfect amalgamation of style and function. It’s so light in weight that you can actually carry it throughout the day without feeling the pinch. The keyboard keys lend your hand a nice feel which encourage you to type endlessly. The layout isn’t cramped and full HD screen spares you an extra eye strain.

5. 5. Asus ROG G751

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If you are fond of gaming then Asus ROG G751 is your best bet. This gaming laptop enables you to play your favorite Battlefield 4 at 795fps which is just amazing. Styling and performance wise it is good nevertheless portability is slightly an issue as it weighs around 4 kg.
So, following is the list of 5 most powerful laptops in the world. Go ahead buy one which suits your budget and requirements.

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