World’s most powerful bomb

When someone says to you,” what is the worldТs most powerful bomb?”. Most people jump onto the world war 2 bandwagon and think about the fat man and little boy nuclear warheads that shook Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the roots. But it’s the 21st century and technology is so much more advanced as it was then! Sprouting from the cold war, the American and Russian scientists devoted their time creating the new worldТs most powerful bomb after the spectacle left in Japan.

As time went on the bombs became more terrifying and more powerful. The cold war was the root of all of these new advances. Nuclear bombs used as a war deterrent for peace. Quite the juxtaposition I’d say! The year is now 2015 and many new and awe inspiring nuclear bombТs have been developed. They’ve been tested upon desolate islands owned by certain countries. These tests completely overwhelm what was dropped in Japan and easily overtook them as being the worldТs most powerful bombs. I have created a top 5 list of some of the worldТs most powerful bombs. Just reading them inspires fear in your heart knowing that they could be used at any time!

5 maxresdefault (3) B-53 Nuclear Bomb This nuclear bomb paved the way for the future in it’s design. This was the foundation of the worldТs most powerful bomb. This was known as a bunker buster due to it’s immense penetration power of it’s blast yield of 9 Megatons. Over 300 of these terror inducing bombs were created until they were retired in search of even greater nuclear power. Still a great feat in finding the worldТs most powerful bomb.

4 6a00d8341c90b153ef017eea08c517970dMark-36 Nuclear Bomb This bomb was developed in the 1950Тs by the United states. A very quick advance into the world of nuclear weapons. By using a multi-stage fusion system. This thermonuclear warhead has capabilites that far exceeded the fat man of reaching yields up to a whopping 10 megatons of brutal explosive force. Today a casing is visible in the cold war gallery in Dayton, Ohio. This was just the start of the worldТs most powerful bombs.

3Castle_Bravo_BlastThe Castle Bravo Hydrogen Bomb This bomb was a very special bomb. Before being completely hypothetical in a science lab. But by 1954 the scientists had devised a way to create the worldТs most powerful bomb with a primary element. Hydrogen. Normally a light flammable gas turned into a 15 megaton

beast. This bomb sweeped the Marshall islands clean of all life, generating a huge explosion and great radioactive contamination as well. This bomb wasn’t just a revelation of power but also an advancement in science.

2maxresdefault (2)B-41 Nuclear Bomb This was a giant leap from the last nuclear warhead created. This reigned as king of the worldТs most powerful bomb for a long period. With it’s enormous nuclear power capabilities of 25 Megatons this could cause complete devastation to any place it was dropped on. This Terror was developed in the early 1960’s so it shows the exponential power increase of these nuclear warheads. Not many bombs could top this as the world’s most powerful bomb. Except one…

1 maxresdefault (1) The Tsar Bomba This most feared creation in the history of humanity. The Tsar Bomba was a creation of the Russian federation in response to the American pressure from their bomb creations. But this is the overlord of the world’s most powerful bombs. This is the kingpin. With a blood-curdling force of 100 Megatons of TNT. This is one force that would leave a scar on the planet forever. Russia stole the title of creating the world’s most powerful bomb with this force of nuclear power.

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