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Top Five Most Populated Cities In The World.

City population is defined as the population that is directly administered or controlled by one authority in the city.

For the last one two centuries, human movement has been mostly to urban areas. This has seen the rise of many cities that didn’t even exist 100 years ago. In the beginning of 19th century most expanding cities were in Europe and the United states, this has since changed and now cities are coming up in every continent but mostly in Asia.

Flere are the top five most populated cities in the world.

1 .Tokyo, Japan.prikosnitesi-k-japonskoi-kulture-tur-13645520512472_w990h700

In the wake of massive industrial investments and development, Tokyo Japan became one of the most populated places on earth. Although Tokyo is at its ultimate capacity of occupation, it is still home to over 32 million people. It’s population is not growing much for now but it seems it’s going to hold this position for a while. Tokyo also has one of the largest people per mile square in world. This gave rise to skyscrapers apartment and bullet trains for people to live outside the city.

2. Shanghai, China.shanghai

A decade ago, Shanghai was just a small city in China. This situation has however changed and now Shanghai is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the world. Shanghai the hub of industrialization in china, it’s influence and importance cannot be left out. With a population of about 25 million it’s world’s second biggest city. Shanghai is also becoming a spot of influence in the world with some of the world largest industries.

3. New Delhi, India._67238017_market

India is world second most populated country in the world with a population of over 1.2 billion. It’s capital Delhi is the second biggest in India after Port city of Mumbai. Apart from Delhi being India’s most populated city it is also world’s third most populated. Delhi has a metro population of about 24.5 million. This population highlights the importance of this city to India and the region. Major investments in industries and commerce have seen massive movement to Mumbai for the last few decades and since it is still continuing this population is projected to reach the top in the next decades.

4. Karachi, Pakistan.karachi_33

Karachi making on top of this list might come as a big surprise. It is not a big center of influence but sure it is one of the most populated cities in the world. For the last 20 years the population of Karachi has doubled not to mention that since 1948 its population has multiplied over 60 times. Currently it is home to over 22 million people making it world’s fourth most populated city.

5. Mexico City,

Mexico City is the most populous city in Northern America. With a population of about 21.4 million people, it is not only the most populous in Mexico but also fifth in the whole world. Due to its industrial and commercial success many people in other states of Mexico often migrate here for better opportunities. This population of late however seems not to grow rapidly. Mexico City population growth has not been matching with the rest of the world which has seen it drop from second position it held in the 1990’s.

It is also worth noting that these population represent the metros and other neighborhoods of these cities.

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