world’s most popular sport

World’s most popular sport

There is no doubt that the most people on the planet will agree that the world’s most popular sport is soccer. In any given country on any given Sunday afternoon you will always find a bunch of boys playing soccer. And if there us a certain number of kids playing a certain sport, then be sure the adults are playing it too. Some are playing and some are paying money to watch the others play. There are a lot of attractive things about this sport. One of them is simplicity. And we are not talking about simple rules. Of course not. Over time people have created very complicated rules for each sport. The simplicity of soccer is that you just need one ball to play and that’s it. Any large enough space can become a soccer field, and a couple of sticks can make up for a goal.2014_World_Cup_Facts

However, of course, no mater how attractive the simplicity is, the price tag does it’s job. Playing soccer professionally will bring anyone a serious amount of money. Any soccer team provides a great number of work places. Starting from the coach and ending with a team diet specialist. Be sure, each one of these team members get a pretty good salary. Base professional soccer team salaries range from 50 000 dollars a year to 6 million dollars per year, depending on the club they play for. Sounds good? This is only the base. Don’t forget that professional players get all kinds of bonuses on top of their salary. The extra payments come for good performance. tracking-the-euro-2012-buzz-charts--69ab94f112

If soccer is not popular enough for you, let’s take a look at basketball. Basketball has been popular for as long as any of us can remember. Professional players have been getting huge salaries, while the fans have always been ready to pay serious money for a seat at one of the professional games. Basketball became a part of Olympic game program before any of us were even born. It happened in 1936. Basketball World championships are being arranged since 1950 (for men) and 1953 (for women).hnt1

Basketball was born in 1891 in Massachusetts when college students got very bored and tired from the regular physical exercises. The teacher took two fruit baskets and hung them on the two opposite sides of the college gym. He divided his students in two teams. The team which managed to throw more balls into the opposite team’s basket would win. The game became so popular that most schools and colleges in USA used it in gym classes. And not just to make the exercises less boring. Basketball did a good job building up team spirit.57747774b7VNUKNIB_171277_0e7fbafcad

There are a lot more popular sports on planet Earth. Each country has their own favorite. For example, in USA baseball and American football are very popular. While there are a lot of countries which have never really played them. And even though there is no universal popular game for all countries, there are a lot of sports which bring the people together regardless of their countries’ relations.3484

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