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Music is medicine to the soul,joy to the heart and a reliever to the can caress you and take away your troubles and pains even just for a is not just made up of beats but also of words that describe emotions.To some,music is not just a song,to them,music is life.AII these are descriptions of the effect of music whereby music is comprised of songs.However,which is the world’s most popular song?

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Famously known as the happy birthday is considered to be the world’s most popular song.The song is believed to have originally been created by two American siblings,Party Hill and Mildred Hill.Party Hill was a kindergaten principal in Lousville,Kentucky while Mildred was a composer and pianist.

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The song is mostly sang in birthday parties as one is celebrating the joy of growing an year older.According to is proven that ninety percent of people use the Happy Birthday song to mark their birth celebrations whether a party is involved or is believed to be the world’s most popular song since it is sang daily as people are born each and everyday.The song is made up of simple and meaningful words that describe the occasion based even on its tune and rhythm.


The song however,is believed to have been copyrighted by several people some who are artists or even prominent people.Several cases have been debated in courts on who the real owner of the world’s most popular song is.This has risen even from the fact that many people especially famous people sing it in occasions to either acknowledge someone dear to them or just to mark the occasion.For instance,Marilyn Monroe,a famous actress and model sang the song for President John Kennedy on November 21, 2013.Another famous occasion is when the comedy pianist,Victor Borge played the song in different styles used by some composers.


The song builds up a sense of joy as it is believed to be the true mark of one’s birthday.Being the world’s most popular also believed to be one of the songs whose message is properly passed on and the right feelings are evoked in the receiver or the person who it is being referred has already been translated to about 18 different languages to fit in properly to the diverse languages that exist.

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On the other hand,being the world’s most popular song does not stop it from being faced with several challenges.Confusion rose when the song “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” was mistaken yo be part of the Happy Birth Day song.Many film makers have put into use the song “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” more as compare to the Happy Birthday Song.The origin of the song however states that the two songs are different.

Being the wold’s most popular has its history of the good and bad where it has been used in both instances which have been captured in different manners but it still stands out due to its fame and how fond people are to playing and singing did not end up being the world’s most popular song without its strength and uniqueness.


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