World’s most popular man

Attaining a popular celebrity status in the world comes with high prestige. WorldТs most popular man is always known for his different accomplishments. Apart from success levels, the worldТs most popular man stature comes with skills and/or talent. When people always remember your name, sing along to the words of your lyrics or know what your company does by heart means that you are beyond popular. How to get there? Here are the top 5 men to reckon with:

1. 1. Jim Caviezel1620__james_caviezel_hd_wallpaper_

JimТs role in Jesus of Nazareth films has escalated him to the worldТs popular man stature. For years, he has been acting out these roles and had a breakout moment in the film, aDThe Passion of ChristТ. According to statistics, every month, there are over 25 million searches about Jesus of Nazareth films. ItТs accurate to say that he is worldТs most popular man because over 2.33 billion people know JesusТ life story and 33.32% of them worship him. He is known as worldТs most popular man because he portrayed Christianity beyond imagine.

2. 2..Abraham Lincolnabraham-lincoln

Abraham Lincoln represents worldТs most popular man for many reasons. He is known for the famous quote, УA house divided against itself cannot standФ; leader of the American Civil war, this worldТs most popular man changed American history. Although he was assassinated in 1865, he remains one of the most talked about subjects in world with history.

3.Martin Luther KingMartin_Luther_King_Jr_NYWTS

The America civil war campaigner Martin Luther King undeniably won the title worldТs famous man. Popular as a great part of history, his speeches were often about moving forward. His incredible leadership led to the emergence of the Martin Luther King Day a popular American holiday.

4. Nelson Mandelanelson-mandela

Known as South AfricanТs longest reigning president, Nelson Mandela fits the worldТs most famous man category perfectly. He spent over 20 years in prison for his opposition to the apartheid regime. His accomplishments have made him a very popular man in many countries in the world. He is known for teachings such as conquering fear and the Nobel Peace Prize for racial segregation. Although departed, his work still goes on and he is brilliantly remembered for what he accomplished in the world. He is beyond world’s most popular man, he is a leader to reckon with.

5. Bill Gates

Bill Gates became famous for his wealthy and brains. With an estimated net worth of over $56 billion he ranks top as one of the worldТs richest men. However, his rampant popularity in the world came from his invention of Microsoft in 1980. Overtime, Microsoft has gained a dominant position as a solid software manufacturer in the world. Ever since his grand invention, no other company has come close to displacing Microsoft.

Popularity in the world comes with its advantages. However, it comes with some challenges too. To be recognized, they are expected to set high goals, achieve them and never disappoint. They are usually under public scrutiny. Even so, these top five most popular men in the world did not gain success overnight. They
worked for years to ensure they leave a legacy behind. They are a testament to the fact that life is how you choose to live it. In order to attain the worldТs popular man celebrity status, it’s important to follow in their footsteps.

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