World’s most popular band

Sauti sol band, a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.To explode with zest and vigor and life meaning it will lull the mentally unstable to sanity.Sauti is a Swahili name meaning voice.sol is coined from the word soul.These men sing from their heart their music divine.Sauti sol is a band in Kenya that is made up of four men in then a guitarist who says he need not sing much for his guitar does all the singing for him they are charming not only do they sing well but also have their separate paths in academics,they have flourished.Sauti-Sol-3

I was only twelve when I first heard their song Lazizi and being the hopeless romantic that I am I fell in love. I was blown away by that talked about wooing a girl to be endeared to them each and every band member.They put up posters for a supposed concert that never was. It was meant to lure the girls for a private show each of them was sung to by their respective beau.They were won over.At home I sat there watching, swept away by the intense chemistry,! could see unfolding in front of me I was dazed.Even though now I realize it was only make believe,it curved out my idealism of boy/girl relationships.Sauti-Sol

Sauti sol,has grown in genre and style and I too have grown up with them I find pleasure and peace as I listen to their mellow voices wooing me away I am in love for lack of a better word.

Sauti sol has been nominated for awards both away and home awards such as the MTV MAMA awards at home they have swiped the plate clean for each and every award they scoop in the entertainment category.Aside from being good in singing they have a mentor-ship project for young and upcoming singers look at it this way they give back to the community.Their trophy is still waiting for the coveted award of being the best band in the world.SAUTI-SOL_6578

Recently they did a song on the importance of giving life. In Kenya a lot of girls are not aware of safe sex,the risks of abortion not just children alone but parents as well.People live life in the stone age as far as talking
about sex is concerned.So girls get pregnant go to quacks get a shoddy procedure end up getting an abortion or worse still both they and child die.The Sauti sol band saw it fit to pass the message that we do not have the power to take or give life but we should let the children live.For each child has the ability to reach full potential.Given the chance they could be the Barrack Obama,Lupita Nyongo,Nelson Mandela,Usain bolt or even the Pope of tomorrow. Sauti sol the unsung heroes.You got to give it to them they are pretty darn awesome.SS_Mash_2

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