World’s most mysterious

Everyone loves a good mystery, a bit of the strange and unexplained. Here are the Top 5 Unexplained Occurrences in the World:

1 )Bird Death Mysterydead-birds-louisiana--001

What happened in Arkansas on New Year’s Eve, 2011? Residents say they woke to see more than 3,000 blackbirds scattered all over the ground, some bleeding, some still struggling. Not long after the phenomenon, other areas like Kentucky, Louisiana, and even as far away as Sweden, began to report the same thing. Was it a disturbance in the atmosphere? A cruel joke played by the worst of the worst in humanity? Some scientists say the birds died from blunt-force trauma after colliding with cars, trees, and buildings. But what frightened over 3,000 birds in such a way that they would fly haphazardly into various objects? Scientists continue to swap theories.

2) Soda Machine MysteryBaOKNAX

Since the 1970’s, residents of a Seattle Capitol Hill neighborhood have been buying various kinds of soda pop from an antiquated soda machine. No one knows why the machine is there, or who stocks it. Nonetheless, area residents continue to feed the machine 750 for a single soda. The most intriguing part are the “Mystery” selection buttons, which offer thirsty buyers a surprise soda, some of which are said to be relics that are no longer made. Is it a magical mystery? Or an act of a very stealth, very kind soul? No one knows for sure.

3) The Hummaxresdefault

It is a steady, deep, droning sound, like a continuously running engine. But no one can locate its origin. The hum was first reported in Taos, New Mexico. Dubbed the “Taos Hum,” the low-frequency sound could only be heard by a small percentage of the population. Some even reported experiencing vibrations throughout their bodies. The unexplained sound was also heard in Bristol, England. If you’re lucky enough to experience it, you
join the ranks of a select few. But whether or not that is good or bad remains to be seen.

4) The Philadelphia Experiment81+327adRvL._SL1500_

In 1943 at the Philadelphia Navy yard, a military experiment went horribly wrong after military scientists attempted to render a massive ship invisible. Moments after the experiment launched, a number of bizarre incidents unfolded. Several crew members were allegedly partially fused to bulkheads, their arms or legs hanging haphazardly from the ship. Others suffered severe mental disorders, while even more simply vanished into thin air. Of a crew of 181 men, only 21 survived. More than half of those survivors died a short time later. The Navy still denies the phenomenon.

5) The Pollock TwinsHesseandGreece

Is there such a thing as reincarnation? If so, how often does it happen? In 1957 in Northumberland, England, two young twin sisters, Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock, died tragically in a car accident. The following year their mother became pregnant with – get ready – a second set of twins. As the girls grew, they began sharing stories with their mother that only the deceased twins would know. They even asked for toys and other items that belonged to their dead sisters. Was it all a coincidence? Or an act of God? Only Joanna and Jacqueline know for sure.

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