World’s most flexible girl

World’s most flexible girl

Being flexible simply means you can perform some body stretches. However, flexible people have been able to showcase unique acrobats but Julia Gunthel just takes is a notch higher than everyone. She contorts her body like a snake with no bones. Julia, commonly known as Zlata hails from Kazakhstan but spent most of her childhood in Germany Many have called her boneless due to her bends that most humans wouldn’t do or rather if try, you risk breaking your limbs. But for her, she’s been doing this for ages with no injury.Julia-Gunthel-aka-Zlata-Worlds-most-flexible-girl-woman-Russia-Youm-Misr-See-you-don’t-see-before-31

Julia Gunthel, 31, has featured in the Guinness books of records as the most flexible in the whole world.

She managed to open beer bottles with her feet while standing on her hands. She has broken several earth files due to her incredible flexibility. She is able to pop up a balloon between her back and her behind; she broke the record of bursting three balloons with her back in 12 seconds.

Among contortionists, it is rare to find one who equally bends backwards and forwards, but for Julia, this is as simple as throwing a kick. During an interview, she terms the poses as anorganic’ to her. The blond Russian has won herself gold medals in competitions on flexibility. She is one of the earth’s graced acrobats that have performed unbelievable acrobatics.slide_408238_5118336_free

At the tender age of 8, Julia discovered that she could bend and twist her body in a manner that regular people could not do. And when she attained 10 years, she became a professional contortionist. Julia can touch her toes from different angles; taking them above her head or even enclosing her neck with the legs. Apart from that, she can curve her body to fit in a small suitcase. She is very bendy and doctors who examined her compared her ligaments to those of an infant. They kept her in an MRI machine and when she contorted. They explained that her ligaments have not hardened as normally when people grow. 000120b6_mediumShe is,
therefore, able to make postures that would break the limbs of a regular being. Julia is now 31 and has found her career in her unique abilities. In her entire life, Julia has been a gymnastic, she became part of the circus and is now earning her living from performing art that where her bendiness leaves many astonished. She is a master of yoga.

Julia travels worldwide as she performs on stage as well as in public. There is no other human being who has been found with similar abilities like Julia. Some are close to, but cannot flex their bodies like she does. Julia has made a name in addition to a career as the most flexible and bendiest woman; not only among women but among men too. Thanks to her baby-like ligaments that refused to harden and landed her a lucrative career since the age of 10. Every time she gets on stage she leaves audience mouth opened with the surprise of what a fellow human being can do. She still remains the world’s most flexible girl.Julia-Gunthel-Zlata-gibkaya-devushka-12

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