World’s most famous man

He is the first Black-American president of the United States of America. His family is the first Black family to live in the White House. To many, this will only remain to be a dream that we wish will one day come true. Barack Obama is one of the most famous men in the world. From young to old, white or black, rich or poor, everyone has heard of him. Children have been named after him with a parent’s hope that they will grow to be like him. He must be envied and a role model to many.44_barack_obama[1]Barack Obama was born on August 1961. His father was an African while his mother was a white. His parents separated shortly after his birth thus he was raised by his mother. He has many step brothers and sisters from either side as the both remarried. Obama’s father visited him only when he was growing up. His father later died in an automobile accident while Obama was 21. He also lost his mother in 1995 while undergoing a cancer treatment. May their souls rest in eternal peace.He is married to Michelle Obama, a black woman and together they have two daughters; Malia and Sasha. One day everyone will grow old and the only thing you will look back and be grateful about is your family. Do not only go for your career and forget the other part of life. The only thing you need to do is learn how to balance the two. CORRECTION-US-POLITICS-WHCA-OBAMAMichelle Obama is a lawyer just like Obama. She was also a vice president in Chicago University while Obama was president of the Harvard Law where he pursued law. They must have just been a perfect match as they appear in public.Barack Obama received worldwide attention during his first presidential campaigns. He gave brilliant speeches which were very interesting as well as comical. Copy cuts exist everywhere since after that politicians from all over the world started imitating the speech style and the ascent too. Being a black person also contributed to his fame. Who would ever imagine that one day Americans would vote in a black president? He won not only for one term but two, under closely contested elections, becoming the 44th president of the United States. He must have played his cards well.President_Barack_ObamaDuring his first term, he withdrew the American troops from Iraq, minimized the secrecy with which presidential records are accorded and stopped a project by the former American president George Bush about giving counselling on abortion internationally. Another thing that hit the headlines worldwide is when he legalized gay marriages. This attracted a lot of criticism as well as support from different nations in the world hence contributing to his fame again. Some even went ahead to question his sexuality, in other words if he is really straight. Do you ever picture yourself being among the famous people in the world? If so, what is the reason behind your fame? The obsession to fame kills. Do your best in the best way you can and fame will follow you just like Barack Obama!Official_portrait_of_Barack_Obama

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