world’s most expensive whiskey

Selecting the world’s most expensive whisky is a complex juggling act to say the least. The rapid economic boom has witnessed a considerable shift in lifestyle with the population of the middle class citizens increasing by the day and individuals are slowly crawling out of the their devastating lifestyles and enjoying life to the fullest. This, subsequently, has led to the rapid rise in spirits consumption worldwide, whiskies to be specific.

What is whisky anyway? It is a spirit obtained from the distillation of grains, for instance, rye, barley, maize, wheat and so on. Although whiskies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, tastes and color, scotch whiskies reign supreme and more so, single malt scotch whiskies. They are considered the most expensive whiskies in the world and to compete with them on a global arena is like swimming in shark-infested waters without body armor or protection for that matter. You will be easy dinner.

What makes single malt whiskies so special is the fact that they are products of single grains and single distillery. The rest of whiskies are blended whiskies. Time is of the essence so let’s stop the sound bites and cut the cheese. The top 5 world’s most expensive whiskies are listed below;

1. THE MACALLAN 1946macallan-1946-52-year-old-with-presentation-case-and-coa-[2]-3038-p

Scotland, a land of harshly beauty and special people, is the home birth of this fine single malt whisky. It is the 1946 vintage bottle of whisky meaning it is has aged for 52 years. That makes it special. Its rarity is another attribute to its price tag. The rich and mighty can afford a bottle of this most expensive whisky in the world which goes for a staggering $460000. It was exclusively made with peated malt due to the outrageous coal prices during the Second World War.


This premium whisky was distilled in 1955. As the name suggests, the Glenfiddich family chose to commemorate the sheer contribution of Janet Sheed Roberts to the success of the whisky by incorporating her name in the brand. The alcoholic strength is 44.4% alcohol by volume (ABV) and it has far more unique characteristics than any other whisky including a floral, fruity sweet taste, incredible light touch of oak, Out of the 11 bottles of this rare whisky produced only a single bottle has been sold in an auction at a mind-blowing $94,000. The buyer, apparently is an American from Atlanta, Georgia.

3. THE MACALLAN 1926samaja-dorogaja-eda-v-mire_6

Considered the rarest, finest and the oldest of the macallan single malt family. The distillation occurred in 1926 and the official bottling in 1986 and only 40 pieces were produced that year. It is a special brand in that no water is added hence very concentrated and dry. It has been aged for 60ys old and was released by a renowned British artist Sir Peter Blake. It is believed to have fetched $75,000 in an auction.


A very unique blend of 4 single malt whiskies from different ages puts it on the map as one of the world’s most expensive whisky. Only 12 bottles were produced in 1942 and each bottle given a unique name but its growth prospects still solid. The name Matheson originated from the owner of the estate and the name was given to the most expensive brand in the family. In 2005, an anonymous buyer bought the bottle at an astonishing $20, 000 and consumed it the same day.

5. GLENFIDDICH 1937Glenfiddich-1937-Rare-Collection

Another rare premium whisky produced by the Glenfiddich Company. It was distilled and matured in Scotland in the late 1937. This 64 year old rare collection has a rich walnut flavor with small hints of cloves, cedar, cinnamon and toffee. A mouth-watering $71,700 was fetched for the bottle in an auction in New York. 61 bootless of the same were made that year and that puts it among the list of world most expensive whisky.

In conclusion, a lot of people may wonder why the Johnny walkers and other whiskies like American, Japanese and Irish whiskies do not make the list. This world most expensive whisky list is a product of meticulous, thorough and well rehearsed research. So if you do your independent research, there is a strong possibility that you will boil down to this.

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