world’s most expensive vodka

Whether its a grown up bachelor party or a teenage cocktail party,Vodka has always been on of the most preferred is more elegant than other drinks.After doing a hefty amount of research,we have found the most costliest,luxury Vodka bottles around the globe.We are talking about a 500,000$ Vodka bottle that high lifes buy without blinking an eye!

5.Oval Swarovski Crystal Vodka-83a65bc94f
6992$This particular Vodka bottle is only available at the most coolest night was introduced in 2008.This Vodka has 7000 of swarovski crystals studded on it.One should and would think twice before throwing a hefty 7000$ for this bottle of booze.

4.Belver Bears Belveder Vodka-10-pasaules-dargakaas-4
7200$These are a limited edition teddy bear inspired vodka designed by Jean Roch to be kept in VIP rooms in Cannes,St.Topez and Paris. Isn’t it better to have a life rather than spending this much on a glass teddy bear filled with some booze?The choice is entirely yours.

3.Diva Vodka- a35183-1188918282
1 Million $Now.this particular bottle of drink costs you a million dollars.A MILLION DOLLARSIThe Diva Vodka is made through a very precise and clean process which does not come cheap.First,they pour this liquid through some precious stones like diamonds,rubies,sapphires and emeralds(Pretty Cheap,Right?).Then liquid poured through these precious stones are triple refined.The bottle is fitted with many precious stones.Diva also offers a more cheaper bottle of Vodka priced at 3700$.But these bottles do not come with precious stones.That is really disappointing.

2.Russo Baltique Vodka-1256245629_dartz-prombron-monaco-04
1.3 Million $This Vodka is one of the most purest in the world.This Vodka is manufactured by a car manufacturer called Dartz Russo Baltique.This bottle was designed to mimic the classic design of the Russo Balt automobiles.If the price of the bottle is too high for you,do not worry,there is an offenlf you buy one of their 1.6 Million $ Dartz Prombron Monaco Red Diamond Edition SUV,you will be getting 3 bottles of Russo Balt vodka along with the SUV.Now that’s one hell of a deal,right ?Russo Balt also had an older version of this costing a shy of a 720 G’s.This on had a gold and platinum bottle which was sure to catch everyone’s eye.

1 .Billionaire Vodka-66406944-kupit-moldavskiy-konyak-v-moskve-carskiy-standart
#.7 Million $Now,the last item on this list.THE BILLIONAIRE VODKA. This extravagant
bottle of booze is produced by Leon Verres.who is known for producing many luxury alcoholic beverages.But the billionaires Vodka is their masterpiece.Now,this costs $3.7 Million,not exactly a billion(What were they thinking?).This Vodka is the most expensive and rarest Vodka on the globe.This Vodka is also made by the costly process of running the wheat based spirit through diamonds and many other precious stones to make them pure.They come in a 5 liter bottle wrapped in white faux fur and in a blue bottle studded with precious stones,also 5 liters.These bottles are said to be individually hand crafted by professionals(Pretty cool,Right?).Now this drink is surely meant for the richest of the rich.

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