world’s most expensive tea

Tea has been a favorite drink all over the world for centuries, and for good reason. It’s delicious, easy to make, and normally very affordable. As with everything in this world, there are three different price ranges for tea: dirt cheap, somewhere in the middle, and outrageously expensive. Here’s a list of the world’s most expensive tea.

1. Tinechi Flower

Tinechi Flower Tea is considered one of the healthiest substances available but comes at the steep price of $170 for 100 grams. This rare tea is a type of ginseng that is only harvested in the Yunnan province of China and has a minty flavor to it. What makes this tea worth it’s hefty price tag is the fact that it’s been used as a cure all for centuries due to it’s ability to cure sleep disorders, skin disorders, and it’s incredible detox capabilities.

2. Yellow Gold Tea Buds20121213-9e8ee57279100871f24c6_resized_637x456

Have you ever wanted to drink real gold? with Yellow Gold Tea Buds you now have your chance to do that as long as you’re willing $105 for 50 grams of tea buds. This is an incredibly rare tea because it’s only harvested from one mountain in Singapore on one day of the year. Not only that but to preserve it’s uniqueness only the top leaves of the plant are harvested using special golden scissors, then they are coated with a thin layer of non toxic gold leaf making this tea well worth the price.

3. Silver Tips Imperial Tea20150205080646_DSC_1403

Darjeeling tea is one of the most recognizable teas in the world, hailing from Darjeeling, India. Most Darjeeling tea is both delicious and affordable, however Silver Tips Imperial Tea is noted as the most world’s most expensive Darjeeling tea at $400 per 100 grams. This delectable tea can only be harvested under the full moon and is interwoven with silver streaks for a beautiful and unique tea. If the price sounds too low for you,
then you can partake of the PG Tips special edition diamond tea bag where for $1,500 per bag you can enjoy Silver Tips Imperial Tea in a diamond encrusted tea bag.

4. Panda Dung Tea.kaka01

When thinking of luxury and refreshment people don’t normally think of animal excrement, but one entrepreneur in China knew how nutrient dense panda dung was and decided to try fertilizing tea with it. His entrepreneurial spirit paid off with a unique and flavorful tea that is only grown in the mountains of Ya’an in China and sells for a steep $200 per cup.

5. Da-Hong Pauchdhp902-b_-_03_new_small_

Only one tea can claim the coveted title of the world’s most expensive tea and that would be the elusive Da-Hong Pau. This tea is considered a national treasure in China due to it’s legendary status as a miracle healing tea used in the Ming Dynasty. There are only three trees remaining that grow the healing Da-Hong Pau tea leaves and it’s valued at $1.2 million for 1,000 grams though, because of it’s rarity it isn’t readily available for sale. A persons best chance at getting their hands on a cup of this treasure is to be an honored guest of China.

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