world’s most expensive stone

When speaking about precious stones, three words normally come up-rare, precious and expensive. Contrary to what most people might think, these do not necessarily mean the same thing. Rarity refers to the level or rate of occurrence of a precious stone. Preciousness refers to its value and attractiveness and expense refers to the monetary value it fetches in the market. Some of the world’s most precious stones include the tanzanite, black opal, red beryl, jadeite and finally the most valuable of them all, the diamond.


Diamonds. Even the toughest girl would melt at the sight of a beautifully cut diamond. It is no wonder because of all the precious stones in the world, diamonds are the most expensive. For a diamond to shine and dazzle in all its beauty, it has to be perfectly cut and this takes a high level of expertise which will make it reflect and refract light perfectly. They have long been believed to be the rarest but this has now become a topic for debate according to Geologists.


But what is so special about them? How are they formed? Most people would ask. I will spare you the geology lecture and stick to the basics just to satisfy your curiosity. Scientists believe that diamonds are usually formed at very high temperature and pressure inside the earth. Diamond is an allotrope of carbon, meaning it has carbon as its main ingredient. Knowing this, scientists have been able to replicate this process and produce synthetic diamonds. The word synthetic should not be confused with fake. These are in every sense diamonds, only different in the formation process. Synthetic diamonds are, like their natural counterparts, very expensive because of the processes involved in producing them. Because of the tough nature of the diamond, the synthetic ones are mainly used in industrial cutting and polishing while their natural counterparts are preferred for jewellery making.


Diamonds are mainly loved for their clear glass-like appearance which actually shows their value because the clearer it is, the purer it is. This is not to say that all diamonds are clear. There are diamonds which are yellow
or pink in color. These colored diamonds are still precious and valuable but many people still opt for the clear ones.


It may come as a surprise to many that the most expensive gemstone to ever been sold is the Pink Star Diamond which is a pink colored stone. It was sold at an auction for a whooping $83 million dollars. Its very stunning shade of pink makes it stand out from all other pink diamonds.



There are some interesting facts surrounding diamonds some of which are also very controversial. Did you know that diamonds are rarely resold? If you choose to purchase one at a very high price, you can almost be certain that you are stuck with it for life. Kind of makes you wonder if they are as valuable as people claim them to be. This and the fact that synthetic diamonds could soon flood the market may make you reconsider them as your first choice for precious stones.


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