World’s most expensive resort

People across the world search for comfortable, luxurious resorts to enjoy a luxurious,relaxing holiday, as resorts provides an amazing opportunity top get rid of our tensions and freshens our minds.The world’s 5 most expensive resorts are:

1 .necker_aboveNECKER ISLAND: Situated at the Carribean, this is one of the most expensive resorts to visit and stay on in the world. After two flights and a speedboat ride, when you finally reach, you will be greeted by the ever smiling, Sir Richard Branson. The staff will show you the way to the Guest House,perched on the crest of the tallest hill. The guest rooms and the huge lounge is full of antiques, bought from the flea markets of Indonesia.Lunch will be served to you by a smiling chef in the beachside pool. The resort also boasts of a diverse wildlife-including giant iguanas, tortoises and endangered lemurs. It costs around 39000 pounds per night, which can be split between 30 guests.

2.private-island ISLA DE SA FERRADURA: Isla se sa Ferradura is a private resort located just off Ibiza and is connected to it via a road. Spread across 14 acres, this resort comes with a number of gorgeous lounges, a home cinema and even a wine bodega. Enjoying around 300 days of gorgeous sunshine every year, and a stunning view of the bright Mediterranean Sea, this resort is the ideal place to come for a relaxing holiday. It costs around $230000 US dollars per week.

3. Musha-Cay4_Bahamas_0MUSHA CAY: Owned by one of the best magicians ever, David Copperfield, this amazing 150 acre resort is located in the Bahamas.The resorts consists of five stunning villas and a luxurious building which serves as the bar and the clubhouse. There a lot of activities that takes place in this resort. One of them is the extremely fun filled three-hour treasure hunt with a pirate theme, which the guests can enjoy. Apart from that, there is the Musha Olympic Games, with events from swimming races to egg and water-balloon throws. One day stay at this amazing resort costs around $24750.

4. 7556B5D878D7E71687E96285FBFF885THE RANIA EXPERIENCE: Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean,The Rania Experience allows you to indulge in the sanctuary of peace while being surrounded by pristine nature,from clear blue water to tropical palms. It takes a 30 minute seaplane ride from Male International Airport to reach here. The natural beauty of this resort has been very carefully preserved and maintained, and is limited to only one private group at a time. Included with the stay is a speed cruiser, which allows you to roam around the neighboring islands. One night at this island costs around $10000

5. ALTAMER:anguila_africamsapphire_01 Altamer Resort is a luxury collection of beachfront villas located on the Shoal Bay West. It has three amazing four bedroom villas- the Russian Amethyst, Brazilian Emerald and the African Sapphire- that accommodates around 30 people and provides stunning views. The resort has amazing facilities,ranging from a 24 hour butler service,online personal chef, to boat charters to neighboring islands. One week at the African Sapphire will cost around $80000.

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