World’s most expensive perfume

Paris, France. The city of love. When one sits and thinks about Paris one cannot deny its prestige in displaying the very essence of romance and artistry. Take the “Louvre” for example, the home of the world’s most famous painting, the “Mona Lisa”, or the Eiffel Tower, that inspires legions upon legions of men to get down on one knee and propose marriage to their spouses. Even the language spoken there is considered to be the most romantic in the world. Paris then, is, quite simply, the perfect setting for another of the world’s greatest symbols of romance. Perfume, specifically, the world’s most expensive perfume.hermes1

“Hermes 25 Faubourg” the camera shy younger sister to the world famous “Hermes 24 Faubourg” which is ranked sixth on the all-time most expensive perfumes. “Hermes 25 Faubourg” is not for sale. Period. It’s supply is closely monitored by a tight-knit group of Parisian perfume connoisseurs who’s names are kept strictly confidential. Together they ensure that that no more than one thirty-milliliter filled emerald bottle of the seven-hundred year old perfume is in existence at a time and they are responsible for electing the, more than lucky, recipient of the perfume every ten years, which is the minimum term of use they place on the bottle.61-Am9vyGVL._SL1500_

Whilst not on sale to anyone, experts, with what little they are allowed to know of the perfume, speculate that in order to be eligible to receive the perfume one would have to be a senior member of a royal family or be part of the richest 0.0001 percent of the worlds population, meaning a net worth of fifteen billion Dollars or higher. Suffice to say, not many people qualify for ownership of the “Hermes 25 Faubourg”.__57_(13)

Rumored owners include King Henry VIII, Princess Diana, John F Kennedy and William Shakespeare. But those are only rumors, for the Parisian connoisseurs who protect the perfume from the public eye do so in order to heighten the elusiveness and therefore the value of the perfume. What we do know is that the perfume is carefully and painstakingly formulated in one of Paris’ most iconic buildings, exactly which one is unknown, by a master craftsman who is one of only two people in the world at anytime that have the knowledge of how to do so.24-Faubourg

One thing we know for sure about this perfume is that is does a spectacular job of heightening the mystical
and wondrous feel of Paris, further adding to the deeply entrenched sense of love, passion and romance the city is so famous for. In a world where everyone is trying to produce more and more and more and where people seek out fame by being as loud and noticeable as possible, a little touch of secrecy and class is very welcome.

In the end, the world’s most expensive perfume will remain as such forever, and you and I will probably never have the chance to lay eyes on it. But that’s a good thing for those of us who are able to simply appreciate and enjoy the very mysticism of it all.

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