World’s most expensive movie

Ever watched a movie, and just sat there in awe of all the effects and visuals? Well, you’re not alone. Movies have come a long way, and now more and more of them require budgets well into the millions. Today, we’ll be looking at the ten most expensive movies that were released in history, and you can sit there in awe again at how much they spent on these bad boys!km4wg9fwqsxe6ucjwedy

Number Ten – Avatar

Avatar was a movie that released in 2009 and centered around the idea of an alien planet that is poisonous to humans, and the only beings allowed on where highly evolved beings known as “Avatars.” The movie had stunning visuals and used an immense amount of CGI to create lush, and beautiful environments.. But, how much did it cost? The movie as a whole costed roughly $237,000,000 to make.TheHobbitTBOT5A_Teaser_Poster

Number Nine – The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This Hobbit movie released in 2014 and was about Thorin claiming treasure from a dragon named Smaug, and then abandoning his allies to search for the Arkenstone. While all this is happening, Sauron is sending legions of Ores to begin battle. Now, we all know that The Hobbit uses a crazy amount of effects and CGI to create a beautiful fantasy world, but just how much money did they put into making that world? Well, the movie has an estimated cost of $250,000,000. The ores are brutal and expensive at the same time!harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-prince-531b19b4c41d3

Number Eight – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This edition to the Harry Potter series released in 2009 and was about “Death Eaters” rampaging through Muggle and the Wizard World, making no place safe, and while all this chaos is happening, Harry is preparing

for his final battle against Voldemort. This mix between love, tragedy and insane graphical effects and landscapes, made you stop and think how much money went into making a production like this. This Harry Potter movie also has an estimated cost of $250,000,000 to make.Spiderman-4-wallpapers-11

Number Seven – Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 was released in 2007 featured conflicts of all varieties. Spider-man was experiencing a dark change within himself that made stronger, and more evil at the same time. While, trying to control his inner demons he also had to control two major baddies that were Sandman and Venom. Spider-Man was known for having a lovely open world that showcased a wide variety of the locations that they were in, along with the effects, how much did it really cost? Well, Spider-Man 3 had an estimated cost of $258,000,000. I guess Spider-Man was using diamond encrusted webs the whole time.rapunzel-tangled-1862115072014

Number Six – Tangled

Tangled released in 2010 is centered around a bandit who has a strange encounter with a long haired goddess named Rapunzel. Upon their counter, there was tension and confusion that ultimately lead to breath-taking adventures and romance. But, how much can a cartoon movie cost? The answer is a lot, somewhere around $260,000,000 to produce! Insane!JOHN-CARTER

Number Five – John Carter

John Carter release in 2012 and was about a man that mysterious awoke on the surface of mars, confused, he was centered in a world full of conflict, a world where held the fate of everyone. We can tell that this

movie would require quite a budget to make because of the fact they needed recreate mars, and its environments. With that being said, the movie costed around $263,700,000 to make, who knew?Avengers-Age-of-Ultron

Number Four – Avengers: Age of Ultron

This Avengers movie came out in 2015 and was about the reassemble of the avengers in order to maintain peace and destroy a blood-thirsty evil looming about named Ultron. This movie had breathe-taking effects, music, and environments. The whole budget of the movie came out to be a total of $279,900,000. But, it’s alright whatever it takes to stop evil!spectre-poster-black-white

Number Three – Spectre

Spectre came out in 2015, as well. This movie revolved around an evil organization that was known as Spectre and James Bond went to great lengths to find help with his nemesis’s daughter in order to maintain the peace. James Bond movies are well known for having beautiful atmospheres and environments and with a budget of $300,000,000 they would not disappoint. The name is expensive, very expensive.PiratesOfTheCaribbean3Wallpaper1024

Number Two – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

This installment of Pirates of the Caribbean came out in 2007 and featured an intense story line about saving Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones locker, as well as fighting off the evil that is the Flying Dutchman. This movie had an amazing oceans, scenery and effects. Is it a surprise that the movie costed around $300,000,000? I’ll let you be the judge.pirates-of-the-caribbean-on-stranger-tides-ost

Number One – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Well, here it is the most expensive movie, is it a coincidence that it’s another Pirates of the Caribbean movie? I guess we’ll see. This movie manly focused on past love, that would make Jack Sparrow had major conflicts within the future, such as competing with Blackbeard. This movie featured more CGI, and effects in the forms of a zombie crew, but how much did the most expensive movie cost? Well, the 2011 movie costed around $378,500,000 to make! Making it the most expensive movie!

Well, that wraps this up, now you have an idea of the movies that had unbelievable budgets!

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