World’s most expensive knives

Knives have been of great use for humanity for milleniums. From antique knives to modern hunting weapons, from prehistoric knives to the knife that you were last stabbed with in CS:GO(don’t lie to us – we know you play it) and even the small pocket knife that our father gave you for your 12th birthday and you that only used to sharpen your pencils. Knives are a treasure! But we are not sure whether you understand how much is the average knife lover ready to pay for a new addition to his “sharp and pointy” collection. Yeah, thousands and thousands of dollars! And we know what exactly happens in your head now – “What kind of knife would cost as much as my student loans?!”. Well, let’s have a look at some of the finest examples of the art of knife-making: This is Top 5 – the most expensive knives know to humanity.

5. The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knifeb05-custom-011414-1

Yeah, we know it’s name might seem a bit too EXAGGERATING. Like, it has a steampunk dragon in it. But if you think the name seems like too much, you sure haven’t seen the price. $18,500. *sounds of minds exploding* . Well, $18,500 for a knife might really be too much but see, it is made of 24K gold. Yeah, that’s pure gold. With traces of silver on the outside. The knife is truly a piece of art, though. A beautiful metal, raging and steampuffing dragon roaming in the sky above a highly-detailed night city. All engraves on the sides of the knife. Its blade itself costs as much as $5,000 and is a masterwork as well. A Damascus blade and a 24K golden engravement – this sure is a unique knife.

4. The Spearpoint Lace Knifeb12-lace-2

Many people would pay a fortune just to be stabbed with this beauty. Again, made of 24K gold. It is engraved with small lines that create the effect of an optical took the people who made it weeks to finish this masterpiece. Its price? Oh, nothing too much – only $25,000. Don’t look at us like that, you were the one that wanted to hear it. A true Mario Terzi piece of art. It has changed its owner several times generation after generation, which makes it of even greater value.

3. The Nesmuk Diamond Studded KnifeUWCoGYs
Because only 10 or 11 people in the world can say: “Oh, you want a sandwich? I’ll make you one with my luxurious diamond cooking knife.”. This $40,000 knife is truly amazing. Its blade and the handle have two separate artstyles and look so glamorous together that if you buy it, it comes in a diamond-studded box. Yeah, a diamond box for a diamond knife. Pretty neat. What s more, there is a whole collection of knives with the same blade and the sum of all the knives’ costs is as much as a mansion in North California.

2. The Nesmuk Jahrhundert Messer Knifeimg-frames-featured-gem-of-the-orient

Remember when we said that the previous knife is not the only one from the Nesmuk luxury cooking service collection? Our number 2 is also part of it. While it is far smaller than number 3, it has elegance and grace that can make even a rural butcher look like a professional chef, just by holding it. It’s handle solely has 25 diamonds. It costs $100,000. With such a price, just being in the same room with it is gonna cost you your car. Did we mention that it is black and white? Well, yeah, it is.

And here comes the gem of our list … number 1

1. The Gem of the Orientpicture

We weren’t kidding about the “gem” part. Unlike the other knives here, this one just screams: “Look at me! I’m 100% golden with handle full of ruby and I have 153 emeralds!”. The knife is stunning, that’s sure, but it’s price will literally blow you out. The golden sharp beauty took more than 10 years to be completed so it sounds all natural that it would cost much. But the price is shocking whatever the circumstances of its
creation were – $2,100,000. Yep, that’s roughly 2 MILLION DOLLARS for a knife! It is a national treasure for the USA. That’s pretty much worth more than the state of Nevada itself.

We hope you are still conscious after this list. Now, enjoy your day and don’t think about that millionaire who has a knife more expensive than your house.

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