World’s most expensive fur coat

With winter just around the corner, many people start thinking about getting a warm and comfy outfit. But some are ready to go to the extremes and pay ridiculously huge amounts for a simple piece of cloth! Fur coats always pertained to the most luxurious and expensive goods, but the items on this list will surprise even the most composed person. Here is the top 5 of the most expensive fur coats in the world.

Number 5 is a brand called Gorski. It positions itself in the segment of affordable luxury. Well, they might quite be right if you don’t take into account that their average coat costs like a decent mini car. Take for example their mink parka with cashmere belt that sells for $11,440! The brand is quite popular and ships worldwide which means there are quite a lot of customers who would pay that much to wear a piece of an animal on their shoulders. With the prices they charge, I hope their fur coats run faster than my smart!

10333237_598445140260425_4710026778919899207_oOur number 4 comes from Russia, which does not come as a surprise as Russians are notoriously famous for their cold winters! It’s a Russian sable short coat by Marc Kaufman that was recently sold in New York to an undisclosed member of a royal family for $25,000. Well, here is your from Russia with love! Italians are well-known for their luxurious and expensive brands.

4ac6282547636ce288e500ef2c0840bbAnd our number 3 is just the perfect example of a swell living Italian style. In 2013 Prada presented a standout mink and sable fur coat that cost $140, 240! But the fans of the brand seemed like not being shocked by the price at all. Because the fur coat priced like a decent flat caused a furor during Milan Fashion Week. That’s why if you are considering buying it, hurry up, because some prince may outgallop you! Well, if you already think that it’s too much for a coat, wait till you read about

number 2 on our list! The Swiss company Nobline offers a 24k gold plated fur coat! Each strand of hair is individually coated with pure gold! Such jacket that would fit even the king Midas will cost you $650, 534! Good news are that at least you’ll be able to remelt it into a gold bar at the end of the day.

FENDI_RAIN_FUR_WINTER_COAT_MAIN_zAnd finally number 1. Be prepared to faint! Because this coat costs more than an average house in the USA! It’s a full-length sable coat by Fendi that costs exactly 1 million euros! Yes, this is the official price of the pieace, which is said to have some special and unique features! For exapmle, it is silverised so while looking at it you have an impession as if it is cast into the moonlight. The sable is a unique species of marten found only in Siberia and is considered the
most beautiful of all martens. There is no official information to whether the coat has been sold already, but with the unpredictable and whimsical nature of the jet set, I don’t think it will wait for its happy owner for too long.

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