world’s most expensive food

As we know, there are seven deadly sins, or seven vices, as early Christians would classify them. And one of those vices is gluttony, an over-indulgence of food or drink, or an extravagant waste of finance. So the latter nuance of what the church would call a gluttony is an exceptional prerogative of the rich people as they spend a real fortune to satisfy their gastronomic extravagant needs. And here are top five world’s most expensive foods:Let us count down.

Number 5 The Fleur Burger 5000


I am starting the rating with a burger for a reason. The burger is the brightest representative of a fast food. Supposedly, what can make one have a swollen price on it? But American dream can do anything. The FleurBurger is on a menu of the luxurious restaurant in Las Vegas. The miraculous burger comprises beef and foie gras patty. It has special truffle sauce and black truffles on top of it, and actually there is also truffles underneath. And by the way, the ultimate cost of The FleurBurger is equally shared between a bottle of Bordeaux which is served in Ichendorf glasses. The latter can be taken home. The price you would pay for it is $5,000.

Number 4 Domenico Crolla’s Pizza Royale 007


Another fast food kicking in is pizza named after a Scottish chef Domenico Crolla. His pizza masterpiece was inspired by the James Bond adventures, and its ingredients are truly in the Bond’s grandiloquent style. It has lobsters, soaked in cognac, caviar, salmon and vintage balsamic sauce. And this Scottish version of Italian national dish is topped with 24K gold flakes, which remain to be a property of a restaurant. Pizza’s price is $4,200

Number  3 Posh Pie


May 2015 rang in the world of extravagant gastronomy with the most expensive pie in the world. Groupon launched a promotional sale of the pie for just $12,000 hashtagging #poshpie all over the web. Chef Paul Medcalf had been pumping at his work for three weeks. So what is it all about? It is about premium beef and rock lobsters, two bottles of Australia’s most pricey wine (approximately $500 per bottle), rare (by default!) black truffles and a pack of 24K German gold leaf. The pie also contains vegetables, all organically grown.

Number  2 Yubari King Melon

The Yubari King Melons

You might be thinking what can be so special about a melon, right? But the most impartial judge of a cantaloupe will tell you what. This particular melon was created in the early 60s by cross-breeding two varieties of cantaloupes, and, as a result, the world has a Yubari Melon with exquisitely orange flesh and recherche sweet taste. And its wonderful shape is somewhat of the golden proportion. It was not available outside of Hokkaido island until recently, so, perhaps, due to its hard-to-get feature, so many people were craving to try it. Luckily, nowadays it is shipped all over the world. Once it was auctioned for $26,000. Some businessman felt privileged to bid for such a masterpiece of nature.

Number  1 Albino Caviar Beluga

TO GO WITH STORY VIETNAM-AGRICULTURE-AQUACULTURE by CAT BARTON In this picture taken on December 9, 2014, workers disembowel a sturgeon for caviar at a caviar workshop in the central highland city of Dalat, Vietnam's Lam Dong province. At the reservoir a worker hoists a large yellow fish out of the pristine water. "Albino sturgeon," beams entrepreneur Le Anh Duc. "Gold eggs!" The rare sturgeon -- Duc has 40 albinos from five million eggs hatched -- lays golden eggs, literally. Albino caviar is off-white, not the usual black, and can sell for up to 100,000 USD per kilo. AFP PHOTO / HOANG DINH Nam

Сaviar once was bitten by the Almas caviar for $25,000 per kilo placed in a 24K gold tin. And today it was surpassed by Albino Caviar, which is the world’s most expensive food.It is not just a caviar, it is a superlative of the superfluity as each egg of the albino fish is coated with 22-carat gold. And this explains why it costs $40,000 per teaspoon. No comments needed.

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