World’s most expensive flat

Ever been to an apartment on a skyscraper? I bet you have but i don’t think that you have been on the type of flat that am just about to describe. The average apartments in uptown states like New York are usually about 750 square meters and usually range at about $2500 to $3000 per month. Not so bad right? its an affordable one, however, one penthouse in the Odeon tower, Monaco – Rich man’s paradise- has taken the quality and features of apartments to a whole new level.Odeon Tower penthouse slide monaco

Odeon tower standing at 170 meters is located strategically next to the seaside and has a 360 degrees view of the city of Monaco. Its construction began in the year 2009 after it was given the green light by Prince Albert. It also overlooks the blue waters of the Mediterenean sea. It has over 70 apartments all between the 20th and the 49th floor. Sky penthouse has earned the title of being the most expensive flat, the apartment goes for not $1 million, not $100 million, not $200 million but a whooping $400 million. Yes you read right,

$0.4 billion. Commonly referred to as the ultimate home between the sky and the sea, it spreads over five floors covering about 33,000 square meters It averages on $13, 500 per square feet.To get the magnitude and seriousness of what I’m saying take the $3000 that you would pay for 750 square meters and quadruple it. What you get is what you would pay for one square feet.32-Tour-Odeon-Tower-Penthouse-Monaco-17

The penthouse is spread over five floors, specifically from the 45th to the 49th floor. It includes numerous things including five bedrooms, a kitchen on each floor, a private cinema,a water slide connecting a dance floor to an open air swimming pool. It also boasts of a health center as the 24 hour service of private staff including a chauffeur and a caterer, Russian baths and modern spa suites. The multiple swimming pools are also accessible from the terraces. Each of the rooms are elegantly layed out by interior designer Albert Pinto, with beautiful, latest details that originate from one of the most renowned architects, Alexandre Giraldi’s vision of a luxurious haven. The rooms are well lit owing to the fact that they are well high above in the tower and not only this but also because the penthouse itself is on one of the top five tallest buildings in Monaco. It
goes without saying that the space is more than adequate. 3-Tour-Odeon-Tower-Penthouse-Monaco-12The scenery from the terraces is breathtaking offering not only the view but the opportunity to relax as the breeze from the sea caresses the occupants thanks to the open air terraces, and its closeness to the sea allows easy accessibility of the sea for those people who like oceanic activities. It gives the feeling of being on the beach without being on the sand literally. Just by the description, one can tell that this is no ordinary penthouse and it definitely holds the top spot in the list of the most expensive apartments.1-Tour-Odeon-Tower-Penthouse-Monaco-3

From its strategic location to it’s key features the Sky penthouse has no match currently and it sits comfortably at the top of the pile of the luxurious and expensive apartments in the planet and i dare say, in the universe.

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