world’s most expensive dress

Arguably, fashion is among the most lucrative industries in the current world order. This is not just because of the mere reason that we need to dress up and look cool in our outfits; it justifies the fact that each and every individual needs to bring out the best of their uniqueness and personality. In short, fashion defines a person in the best way others can easily see. If you’ve ever been to any fashion show, I am certain you will agree with me on the assertion that women and their clothing take centre stage in most of these show, right? Well, today we will look at the top 5 world’s most expensive dresses.

5. Maria GrachvogePs Treasurable Outfit


This treasurable and gorgeous dress allegedly cost Maria Grachvogel a whopping $1.8 million. Due to her love for precious metals, the designer of this particular outfit opted to use fine silk closet that was speckled with diamonds all of over. Specifically over 2000 pieces of diamonds were used in the making of this dress.

4. Black Diamond Dress


If you are a lover of fashion shows like me then Debbie Wingham must be one of the household names you know. Well, this beauty queen shocked the world when she first unveiled her black diamond dress at a fashion show that took place in Dynamo Kiev. The London based designer overwhelmingly revealed that the price of the dress that weighed around 29 pounds was actually $5.5 million. The dress was beautifully decorated with black and white diamond.

3. Diamond Dress by Scott Henshall

Scott Henshall Diamond Dress

At a price tag of a whole $9 million, Scott Henshall designed a dress that was not only stylish and pretty but also took the world with shock. The web like dress that was presented to a renowned musician and actress Samantha back in the year 2004 was also a product of the most loved and precious metal; diamond. It is rumored that Scott used well over 3000 diamonds to bring the fancy style in her design that would later finds
its way into our top 5 world’s most expensive dresses.

2. The Abaya Dress


Debbie Wingham is at it again. This time rounds she makes it to number two of our top 5 world’s most expensive dresses. Peppered with over 2000 pure diamond pieces, this brilliant designer came up with a dress concept that would later be among the top most expensive dresses in the world. Debbie’s dress which was actually manufactured in Dubai was also beautified with nearly 14000 gold pieces; a fact that raised its market valuable so high to the tune of $17.6 million.

1. Kuala Lumpur’s Nightingale


Now you understand how deep people would go into their pockets just to acquire these fancy top 5 world’s most expensive dresses but wait a minute! Have you ever imaged that a dress could actually cost twice as much as the second placed the Abaya dress? Well, apparently one dress; okay, let’s say The Kuala Lumpur made Nightingale goes at a whole $30 million. It sounds wearied right? Yes, $30 million is the price tag of a designer dress made from satin and silk. The dress was endowed with nearly 750 Swarovski crystals as well as diamonds.

To conclude our coverage on top 5 world’s most expensive dresses, traditionally people believed that only things like cars, fancy houses and the likes have these huge price tags. This is no longer the case as people’s appetite for magnificent fashion climbs the ladder so rapidly. And who knows! Tomorrow we may hear a dress going at twice or thrice the price of the firsts dress in this list. At least it won’t be a surprise.

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