world’s most expensive diamonds

8. The Heart of Eternity


Approx. 27.6 carats the Heart of Eternity Diamond is valued at roughly $16 Millions, this beautiful and magnificent blue diamond is among the rarest in the family of colored diamonds

7. The Wittelsbach Diamond


Approx. 35.36 carats & is valued at roughly $16.4 Millions is a deep-blue diamond with internally flawless clarity, because the Wittelsbach Diamond and the Hope Diamond (4th on the list) have similar color and long-lasting phosphorescence – both are believed to have been purchased in India during the 17th century -there has been widespread speculation that they were cut from the same crystal.

6. The Steinmetz Pink


Approx. 59.6 carats & is valued at roughly $25 Millions, it is also known as Pink Star. Isaac Wolf(Diamond Cutter) outbid 3 other bidders for the 59.6-carat “Pink Star” diamond, offering about $83.2 million, a record in itself for diamonds of gem quality sold at auction. It was renamed the “Pink Dream.”

5. The De Beers Centenary Diamond


Approx. 273 carats & is valued at roughly $100 Millions, its of D color of flawless clarity. The man chosen to evaluate the Centenary was Gabi Tolkowsky, famous in the diamond industry as among most accomplished cutters in the world.When Gabi first saw the Centenary, Gabi was amazed by its exceptional purity. “Usually you have to look into a diamond to appreciate its color, but this just expressed itself from its surface. That is very rare,” Gabi said

4. The Hope Diamond


Approx. 45.5 carats, is valued at roughly Millions. It has a high price tag because of its unique blue color
because of the presence of boron its crystalline structure. This Diamond is said to be cursed. Although one of its owners, believed it to be her good luck charm, her life states otherwise; after possession of the gem,she met with lots of misfortunes and one of her child committed sucide

3. The Cullinan Diamond


Approx. 530 carats & is valued at roughly Millions, it is the 2nd largest diamond in terms of carats. After its discovery, the massive diamond was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, owner of the mine where it was found. It became a global sensation, and was purchased by the Transvaal Colony government. The original Cullinan diamond price was ?150,000. Because the diamond was irreplaceable, the government decided to insure it for ten times the amount of its purchase

2. The Sancy Diamond


Approx. 55 carats, this diamond is 600 years old and has never been valued and came from the Golconda diamond mines (now dead). The famous Sancy diamond came into the possession of Nicolas de Harlay, Seigneur de Sancy (1546-1629) a French soldier and diplomat and the stone became known as the Sancy Diamond & the Sancy Diamond is among most famous diamonds in the universe and is currently displayed in the Apollo Gallery at the Louvre in Paris.

1. Ko-hi-noor


Approx. 105.carats, another stone of unknown value and from the same mine as of Sancy diamond. A rich history is associated with this diamond and it is said that it got the name Kohinoor when Nadir Shah-Shah of Persia (1736-47) first saw the diamond, he exclaimed in joy Kohinoor which in Persian means mountain of light. It is the most talked about diamonds.

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