World’s most expensive costume

When you have a costume party coming up, you want to get it right. Some of us are even willing to lay down a good amount of cash. So for those of you who have a well-padded wallet, this is for you: the world’s most expensive costume

10: maxresdefault (1)The Human Slinky $1 millionThe Human Slinky by Veniamin Shows. If it was a childhood dream of yours to fall down the stars like your $3 slinky, now is your chance! Just be careful because the Human Slinky suit does not come with health insurance. If you would like something a bit safer, check out number 9 on the world’s most expensive costume list.

9: 284860_277080672405283_1171168838_nAudrey Hepburn’s black Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s $1.1 millionWho doesn’t dream of looking like Audrey Hepburn? Just think: you in a black evening gown by Givenchy, strolling down the streets. This dream can be yours for just $1.1 million dollars, and it will also earn you a spot in history to wear one of the world’s most expensive costumes.

8:f4d2a532e968a268cc8687cb9696f5b4 Liberace’s mink cape $1.3 millionLiberace does not mess around when it comes to his performance costumes. Just one cape will set you back $1.3 million, although it is mink and covered in rhinestones.

7: cleopatra-50th-anniversary-blu-ray-dvd-Elizabeth-Taylor-as-Cleopatra_4_rgb-828x1024Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra costume $1.4 millionlt isn’t cheap to look like an Egyptian princess, but for Elizabeth Taylor, it was important to get it right while playing the star role in Cleopatra. Don’t forget to add blue eye shadow.

6: tuxedo_1_1_1The Morph Suit $1,6million Now, this one is interestng. Why dance in a room with a disco ball, when you can be the disco ball? This suit on the world’s most expensive costume list is actually encrusted with diamonds from head to toe. That is one way to get some attention.

5: LargeZ65799Michael Jackson’s suit from Thriller $1.8 millionWe all miss Michael Jackson, but if you want to remember him by having the Thriller suit that he actually wore in the music video hanging in your closet, get yourself to the bank and take out $1.8 million. Otherwise, you can just watch the video on youtube like everyone else.

4: 1616_CowardlyLion75yrs_34The Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz $3.1 millionThe next costume on our world’s most expensive costume list, has quite the back story. Someone found the Cowardly Lion suit laying around MGM studios and
sold it for just pennies. It sold at auction for $3.1 million dollars. What is the moral of the story? Check out your junk drawers.

3: my-fair-lady-1964-03-gThe Ascot Costume from My Fair Lady $4.4 millionls anyone else seeing a pattern here? Whatever Audry Hepburn touches, becomes gold. This, one of the world’s most expensive costumes is made with white silk and lace embroidered by hand comes with a matching hat.

2: Marilyn_Monroe_photo_pose_Seven_Year_ItchMarillyn Monroe’s dress from the 7 Year Itch $5.5 millionThis dress is an icon of American movie culture. This dress, often remembered blowing in the wind coming up from the subway crates, exposing Marilyn Monroe’s legs, will cement you for all time as a bombshell.

1: 682316main_Flagsuit_LLC_3NASA spacesuit $12 million There it is: The world’s most expensive costume. I’m sure you can buy a copy for less on ebay, but if you need authenticity, you need to pay for it.

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